Reasons to Learn with Want Driving Lessons!


Learning to drive is essential in today’s world. Whether you are popping to the shops or driving for a living, millions of people all over the world couldn’t have the quality of life they do now if they didn’t drive. Like smart phones, it’s hard to imagine a world without cars!

It’s exciting too! There’s never been a better time to drive with motoring technology updating constantly. With self driving cars and eco-friendly electrical cars in the pipeline, there will be some major changes in motoring within the next five years.

Driving lessons will be the first step towards getting a driver’s licence. Although there is no set amount of lessons we at Want Driving Lessons recommend as it is down to the individual, we will say that the quality of the driving lessons and school definitely do count.

You CAN drive with Want Driving Lessons

Naturally as a first time learner, or even if you have taken a few driving lessons before, you will have concerns about your driving lessons. Our driving school has taught drivers of all abilities. ALL of our learner drivers have left us as confident and skilled drivers, no matter what area of London or Luton they happen to be driving in.

Your first driving lesson with us will give you a chance to talk to your driving instructor about your past learning experience, what you would like to focus on as well as coming up with an approximate learning plan. Each of our driving instructors is not only qualified but experienced in the rules of the road. They each follow a syllabus that includes manoeuvres, motorway driving as well as night time driving to name but a few. No matter what your skills level happens to be, Want Driving Lessons will give you all the tools to help you become a confident driver!

A driving school with a difference!

There are thousands of driving schools in London, it’s not surprising that the choice can be overwhelming. With each school telling you that they are the best. At Want Driving Lessons, the statistics say it all. With a 97% pass rate, that means that all our pupils pass their driving test with flying colours.

We do more than just driving lessons. You’ll have the chance to choose any of our extra driving courses either while you are taking lessons or once you have passed the driving test. Take the Motorway Driving course for extra help with driving on the larger roads in and around London and Luton. The Pass Plus is offered in conjunction with the Driving Standards Agency for drivers who have just passed the test. This offers a chance to learn those last minute hints and tips as you become a fully fledged driver. Note that you’ll get a discount on your insurance if you do take the Pass Plus course with us.

Thinking about learning to drive? Call us and find out what else we have to offer in your area. Follow Want Driving Lessons on Twitter and Facebook for more great deals and motoring news. 

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