Mums and Dad’s Using Mobile Phones at the Wheel!

We all know that using a mobile phone at the wheel is bad news. Not only is it illegal but it is so dangerous! Taking your attention from the wheel for a split second could potentially result in a fatal accident. One that could destroy other people’s lives as well as your own, or at the least leave you will lifelong injuries. While parents are known to be masters at multitasking, surely a quick phone call while on the school run is ok right?

The answer is a simple ‘No’.

Parents of young children do have to multitask, this is true. However there is a limit as to what a driver can do without putting themselves and their passengers in trouble. It was recently found that one out of five British drivers who were also parents of young children regularly call or text while they are driving. This worryingly happens while the children are in the car with them. They also admitted to knowing all the risks that come with driving and using a smartphone- but they still decided to continue doing what they were doing.

The results have come from company OSV Ltd. They asked 1,002 UK parents and drivers about their driving habits, especially in regards to using a phone at the wheel. It was found that 21% of the people asked actually admitted to using a phone while they drove and continue to do so.

Want Driving Lessons cannot stress enough how dangerous using a mobile phone, tablet or laptop while driving can be. This is the case even when stopping at traffic lights or junctions. All our students are taught to keep all their attention on the road while they are driving.  

Out of the Mums and Dads, it was the Dads who were more likely to be on the phone. The fathers came in at 28% while just 15% of the Mum’s used the phone while driving. Unfortunately, this can be setting a really bad impression on children at a very young age. And it could also be seen as being a little hypocritical when a lot of children are told not to use their smart phones at the dinner table or while doing homework. They will then see their parents using a phone while they are meant to be driving.

While there can naturally be plenty of distractions when driving, passengers as well as what is happening outside. However, a mobile phone is one distraction that can be easily controlled. Firstly by not making calls while driving, instead make them before setting off on your journey. Or even once you have reached your destination if there is not far to go and the call can wait. If it is urgent, then we recommend stopping the car in a safe place before making that call back. Preferably on a side street or a designated parking area. Service stations are the ideal place to stop when on long car journeys.

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