Porsche 356 Speedster for Kids!


Vintage cars are a real luxury, a dream to car owners everywhere! Who wouldn’t want to own a vintage Porshe or Jaguar? Driving around town in one of these is bound to get you noticed. Well now you can own a Porsche 356 Speedster. There is only one problem- you won’t be able to drive it because it’s made for children!

This is a Pocket Classics version and is on the market for around £12,000. It sits at around 70 inches long and 30 inches wide. The original adult versions would have been made from 1948 until 1965, so this model is a vintage one and well worth the price tag for those who are into collectables. But what a shame that us grown ups aren’t able to drive this beauty!

The company who have manufactured the Speedster has said that the car was made for children with wealthy parents. The age range would be around ages 6 to 12! This rules the rest of us out unfortunately. However, it’s obviously not a car that can be driven on the roads by children! So in itself, it’s a one off model that can be appreciated for it’s workmanship and style.

What is is made of?

The miniature car has been created from aluminium and steel for the chassis. The body has been created from a hand-laid fibreglass that was made with permission from Porsche AG. Take a look at the finer details too and you’ll find real attention to detail in the gold badges on the front and back of the car. This model has flawless chrome fittings throughout and the slotted wheels that this Porsche design is known for, only as a smaller version.

It’s a car that is made for one, with the interiors upholstered in fine leather. The controls are no exception, the pedals are made from chrome, the steering wheel is made from wood with three spokes holding it in place. There are three decorative dashboard instruments that resemble fuel, speed and remaining fuel. Even thought these don’t work, the rest of the car does! It runs on a 24v DC motor. The car comes complete with two forward gears and a reverse gear. At the most, a driver is looking to drive at speeds of 12 mph.

Little drivers can expect to charge these cars for three hours before they are able to drive for the same amount of time. £12,000 is a lot for a piece of history, but demand for the model is said to be high.

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