OBE for British Road Sign Designer!

Road signs are a part of life for drivers as well as pedestrians alike. It’s because of these red and white circles and triangles that we know what not to do. Blue signs direct us and yellow signs can be warnings. For many of us they have been a part of our everyday journeys, sometimes a part that we might take for granted!

Now the brains behind these national signs has received an OBE. Margaret Calvert, who is now 80, designed the signs with Jock Kinneir in the late 1950′s. The signs were designed to be easy to read and understand by all, both for the British as well as people travelling into the country from abroad.

See the ‘Children crossing’ sign outside schools and playgrounds? Well it was Margaret who designed that. These signs are known as ‘Pictograms’ and are still in use today. Think of the Stag on the Animal Traffic road signs that can found in the country side.

Along with designing these iconic signs, Margaret also created two new typefaces that are well recognised today. ‘Transport’ and ‘Motorway’ can be seen wherever the signs come with directions or instructions.  It’s thanks to these designers that we have one of the safest transport systems in the world!

he Guardian interviewed the designer last September, she is reported to have said: “I enjoy the idea of designing for the public. I feel that design is a public service.”

Her work has certainly paid off. It also continues to be a legacy to this very day. With London’s Design Museum paying tribute with an exhibition last year. She also was recently awarded with an OBE for services to typography and road safety in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list this year. She continues to work in her studio in Islington, London and said of the award: “I like to keep a low profile. It came as a complete surprise. I’m naturally delighted.”

Learning these signs now take up a huge part of the driving test. Want Driving Lessons work with all our pupils to ensure that they know their road signs before going for the driving test. Road signs will also make up a portion of the Hazard Perception test as well as the Theory and Practical.

All of our Qualified Driving Instructors are well versed in the signs that are familiar to your area. Take a drive around town with us and we’ll show you what you’ll need to look out for to not only pass the driving test but long after. It’s these skills that will stay with you long after you’ve left us to become that independent and qualified driver! There’s no better time to learn about those all important road. Know someone who has been thinking about learning for a while? Want Driving Lessons offer some great discounts as well as gift vouchers. These make the perfect gift for any occasion.

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