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Want Driving Lessons Driving School Blog Keep Up With Want Driving Lessons, Driving School In London Sun, 04 Sep 2016 08:14:50 +0000 en hourly 1 Reasons to Learn with Want Driving Lessons! Sun, 04 Sep 2016 08:14:50 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]>


Learning to drive is essential in today’s world. Whether you are popping to the shops or driving for a living, millions of people all over the world couldn’t have the quality of life they do now if they didn’t drive. Like smart phones, it’s hard to imagine a world without cars!

It’s exciting too! There’s never been a better time to drive with motoring technology updating constantly. With self driving cars and eco-friendly electrical cars in the pipeline, there will be some major changes in motoring within the next five years.

Driving lessons will be the first step towards getting a driver’s licence. Although there is no set amount of lessons we at Want Driving Lessons recommend as it is down to the individual, we will say that the quality of the driving lessons and school definitely do count.

You CAN drive with Want Driving Lessons

Naturally as a first time learner, or even if you have taken a few driving lessons before, you will have concerns about your driving lessons. Our driving school has taught drivers of all abilities. ALL of our learner drivers have left us as confident and skilled drivers, no matter what area of London or Luton they happen to be driving in.

Your first driving lesson with us will give you a chance to talk to your driving instructor about your past learning experience, what you would like to focus on as well as coming up with an approximate learning plan. Each of our driving instructors is not only qualified but experienced in the rules of the road. They each follow a syllabus that includes manoeuvres, motorway driving as well as night time driving to name but a few. No matter what your skills level happens to be, Want Driving Lessons will give you all the tools to help you become a confident driver!

A driving school with a difference!

There are thousands of driving schools in London, it’s not surprising that the choice can be overwhelming. With each school telling you that they are the best. At Want Driving Lessons, the statistics say it all. With a 97% pass rate, that means that all our pupils pass their driving test with flying colours.

We do more than just driving lessons. You’ll have the chance to choose any of our extra driving courses either while you are taking lessons or once you have passed the driving test. Take the Motorway Driving course for extra help with driving on the larger roads in and around London and Luton. The Pass Plus is offered in conjunction with the Driving Standards Agency for drivers who have just passed the test. This offers a chance to learn those last minute hints and tips as you become a fully fledged driver. Note that you’ll get a discount on your insurance if you do take the Pass Plus course with us.

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Uber and Volvo – The future of self driving cars? Sun, 28 Aug 2016 09:35:41 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]>

There is no denying that Uber has become somewhat of a leading name in the world when it comes to taxi’s. Getting around has become so much easier, simply download the app on your phone and order an Uber from your living room. The chances are that it will be at your doorstep within minutes.

However, the latest is that Swedish car manufacturing giant Volvo will be getting together with Uber. They are planning on developing self driving cars together!

In the past, the idea of self driving cars was a threat to taxi firms everywhere. However, there could be a loop hole or several that will mean there will be plenty of space in the market for taxi companies such as Uber. But it’s thought that people will still have some control over the cars, despite some level of them being automatically controlled. It is not clear yet exactly how much of the car’s eventual features will be off limits to the driver.

What we know so far…

Several large scale motor vehicle companies are already working towards creating their own self driving cars. However, the project between Volvo and Uber is said to finally create the ultimate in self driving cars for sale on the consumer and business market. The vehicles will be created by Volvo and eventually sold on to Uber exclusively. Both companies are financially adding to the pot with a hefty $300 million each.

Volvo Chief Executive and President Hakan Samuelsson, said: “Volvo is the most progressive and contemporary car makers in the world. It’s a leader in the development of active safety and autonomous drive technology, and possesses an unrivalled safety credibility. We are very proud to be the partner of choice for Uber, one of the world’s leading technology companies. This alliance places Volvo at the heart of the current technological revolution in the automotive industry.”

So what will these new autonomous cars look like? There has been much speculation amongst motoring enthusiasts as to what the final vehicles will look like. In terms of the Volvo model, it’s planned to be based on the modular Scalable Product Architecture. In lay persons terms this is one of the latest car frameworks available on the market for car manufacturers. The current-generation XC90 uses this in it’s design. Previous models that have include Volvo’s S90 and V90 models.

So what are the advantages of self driving cars? There is currently a lot of fuss around autonomous driving because there are some positive aspects that will hopefully come out of this new technology. For example, there will be less accidents on the roads due to human error. There are still however, issues with safety in general that need to be addressed with autonomous cars. This is where Volvo’s track record for safety will be useful.

Uber and Volvo are both household names that will naturally inspire consumer confidence. Culd they be the first in the race to get self driving cars on the roads? Only time will tell.

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Mums and Dad’s Using Mobile Phones at the Wheel! Sun, 21 Aug 2016 10:22:11 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]>

We all know that using a mobile phone at the wheel is bad news. Not only is it illegal but it is so dangerous! Taking your attention from the wheel for a split second could potentially result in a fatal accident. One that could destroy other people’s lives as well as your own, or at the least leave you will lifelong injuries. While parents are known to be masters at multitasking, surely a quick phone call while on the school run is ok right?

The answer is a simple ‘No’.

Parents of young children do have to multitask, this is true. However there is a limit as to what a driver can do without putting themselves and their passengers in trouble. It was recently found that one out of five British drivers who were also parents of young children regularly call or text while they are driving. This worryingly happens while the children are in the car with them. They also admitted to knowing all the risks that come with driving and using a smartphone- but they still decided to continue doing what they were doing.

The results have come from company OSV Ltd. They asked 1,002 UK parents and drivers about their driving habits, especially in regards to using a phone at the wheel. It was found that 21% of the people asked actually admitted to using a phone while they drove and continue to do so.

Want Driving Lessons cannot stress enough how dangerous using a mobile phone, tablet or laptop while driving can be. This is the case even when stopping at traffic lights or junctions. All our students are taught to keep all their attention on the road while they are driving.  

Out of the Mums and Dads, it was the Dads who were more likely to be on the phone. The fathers came in at 28% while just 15% of the Mum’s used the phone while driving. Unfortunately, this can be setting a really bad impression on children at a very young age. And it could also be seen as being a little hypocritical when a lot of children are told not to use their smart phones at the dinner table or while doing homework. They will then see their parents using a phone while they are meant to be driving.

While there can naturally be plenty of distractions when driving, passengers as well as what is happening outside. However, a mobile phone is one distraction that can be easily controlled. Firstly by not making calls while driving, instead make them before setting off on your journey. Or even once you have reached your destination if there is not far to go and the call can wait. If it is urgent, then we recommend stopping the car in a safe place before making that call back. Preferably on a side street or a designated parking area. Service stations are the ideal place to stop when on long car journeys.

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Sales of Electric Cars are on the Rise! Sun, 14 Aug 2016 07:24:48 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]>

Ever thought that an electric vehicle could be for you? Many of our Want Driving Lessons drivers agree that there are both good and bad things about electric vehicles. On the plus side they are better for the environment. Electrically powered cars do not give off harmful emissions. One of the downsides is that the charging time for the cars could be quite lengthy, 30 minutes to an hour in fact!

Despite that, it was found that UK drivers are liking the idea of electric cars. Especially this year! 2016 Has seen record numbers of consumers buying electric powered vehicles for the first time. Go Ultra Low is a government and industry campaign that hopes to increase awareness of electric cars and vans. Their statistics have shown that these cars were up by around 31.8% than they were in 2015.

From January to August 2016, 19,252 electric cars have been sold and registered in the UK alone! That is 4,640 more cars than this time last year.

Why are electric vehicles becoming so popular all of a sudden?

A big pull is that they are cheaper to run than a regular petrol guzzling car. That is something that will appeal to almost anyone driving, as the costs of driving can soon add up to quite a hefty amount. Electrical cars can cost as little as 2p a mile! That’s a huge saving all round.

The advances in technology when it comes to electric cars and vans has also come forward in huge steps. his has meant that the quality of these vehicles is also at an all time high. They are eco-friendly too. With more and more of us thinking about the environment, driving an electric car is the natural choice for so many of us.

The sector that is responsible for producing low-emission electric vehicles currently employs around 18,000 people in the UK. So it stands as a growing part of the economy, something that the UK may grow to rely heavily on in the coming years after Brexit.

There are plans by several manufacturers that by 2050, as much as 100% of the cars and vehicles on the roads are completely zero emission! That’s quite a goal! However, with the rate that electrical cars are growing in the UK, this could be a very doable aim! Especially when around £600million of government investment has already been pledged to the cause. With UK car manufacturers able to apply to the government for funding.

The Future of Driving Could be Electric!

So it seems with low costs and zero harmful emissions, electric vehicles are the way to go. But who are the big manufacturers making waves in the electric vehicle world? Mitsubishi have been producing their Outlander PHEV. This model was the greatest contributor to the increase in electric vehicles on the road this year with an impressive 5,738 cars sold right here in the UK.

Next, Nissan has put in the work with it’s LEAF car. During the first six months of the year, this fully electrical run car was the most popular and sold around 2,336 vehicles. The motoring world is at the beginning of it’s adventure with electrically powered cars. Who knows what the next six months will bring!

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Criminal Gang Using Unmarked Police Cars to Steal in Essex Sun, 07 Aug 2016 08:37:36 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]>

Road traffic crime has been around for many years. While we are the first to tell you to lock your cars and keep valuables out of sight, criminals are taking a new approach to stopping cars!

Essex police have been warning motorists to not stop for vans or plain vehicles that drive with blue flashing lights. There have been a number of vehicle thefts by so called unmarked police vehicles in the past few weeks. These fake traffic police have been based in Essex, but fears are circulating that they will start to operate in parts of London as well as other parts of the UK.

Cars have started to be pulled over by vans with flashing blue lights. Unsuspecting and well meaning drivers who didn’t know pulled up to the side of the road. The criminals would then make drivers get out of their vehicles, which were then promptly stolen.

Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Smith who is in charge of the investigation said about the criminal activities: “In response to these incidents happening, a directive has been issued to each of our officers that they should not conduct their duties in an unmarked vehicle. Unless there is an emergency.”

He also went on to say: “We took this decision to keep motorists in Essex safe while these offenders are still out there. The victims have reported that the suspects are acting as police officers and are wearing body armour. Everything about the act is made to look as genuine as possible”.

Just a few weeks ago, on the 23rd July, a white Mercedes Sprinter van was the latest vehicle to be stolen. It was pulled over on the M11 by four suspects in an unmarked silver Ford Mondeo. It was said that one of them was carrying a firearm.

Just two days later on the 25th July, three men in a silver Mondeo stopped a grey Volkswagen Transporter van on the M25. This time there were no weapons, but one of the men did have a pair of handcuffs.

So far it’s not known if the same three men were responsible for both the crimes or if there is a larger group at work. In each case, the victims did not see the registration number of the Mondeo. Luckily, none of the victims were hurt in either incident.

DCI Smith has urged anyone who is asked to stop by an unmarked vehicle to call 999 immediately. Keep the windows and doors closed and use a mobile phone to call the police. Seeing you on the phone to the police may put the perpetrators off from continuing with the theft. If you are worried, you can keep driving to a busier area before stopping. But once again, you are under no obligation to open the doors, windows or indeed to leave your vehicle if you are doubt.

The police have requested that anyone with any information on the incidents call the police on their non-emergency line 101.

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Get Driving with Confidence this Summer! Sun, 31 Jul 2016 09:16:34 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]>

Want Driving Lessons aim to teach you everything you need to know to become a confident driver. However, it’s natural that most drivers will naturally be a little nervous when driving the roads for the first time as an independent driver.

But what about those drivers who are planning to drive abroad this year? With the U.K’s exit from the European Union, working and travelling in Europe will be changing. But this won’t put people off travelling to the continent or even further afield.

There has been some studies into exactly how confident we are when it comes to driving in other countries. Around 2,000 UK motorists were questioned as part of this. On average, 25% of those asked said that they thought of themselves as ‘nervous drivers’ when it came to driving through continental countryside. This, they thought, put them more at risk than they would be when driving in the UK.

This look into how confident we are as drivers abroad was conducted by tyre giant, Continental Tyres. It’s aim: to cut down on road traffic accidents worldwide. The reason behind the survey was that nearly a third of drivers were involved in accidents on holiday.

There were some other really interesting findings from the survey. For example, seven out of ten drivers questioned said they didn’t bother to learn about the traffic laws in their destination country before they travelled there. Nearly 50% of holiday bound drivers also didn’t think to check their car over before setting off, i.e. The brakes and tyre condition.

Now that the summer holidays have started, so many Brits will be setting off to sunnier climates. There are a few helpful things to do before driving in another country on holiday or for work.  Whether you are driving your own car or a hire vehicle, check it out before getting on the road. Look at and check the brake fluid and water levels in the car. Take a few minutes to check that the brakes are working. If you have any doubts contact the hire company and ask for assistance. If you are driving your own car, getting it checked at home before making the journey is recommended.

Next it’s advised that you have a general knowledge of the road rules in the country you’ll be driving in. This can be done easily with a quick Google search, the Direct Gov website is a helpful resource to start from. Knowing even a little about the traffic laws in a country could help you avoid some very awkward problems later on.

As with driving here in the UK, it’s a good idea to take regular breaks at designated service stations along the way. A coffee or cold drink and snack will freshen you up when driving very long distances during the summer heat.

Once you have done your checks and are clued up about the road rules, all that is left to do is to have an amazing and safe summer driving holiday. Join us on Twitter and Facebook for all our latest updates and driving news.  

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Pokemon No! While Driving Sun, 24 Jul 2016 09:00:59 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]>

In case you may have been living under a rock or on a deserted island for the past week- there is a new game taking the world by storm- Pokemon Go!

The game uses a smartphone and allows players to walk around their local neighbourhood looking for virtual Pokemon. Yes! Those mystical little creatures with special powers. There are hundreds of them and different levels to the game. But what has this all got to do with driving you might be thinking?

Pokemon hunters have been on the roads since the games release last week. They are walking the streets and discovering places, the only problem is that they are looking at their phones! This means they will not be looking where they are going. There have already been concerns from the RAC and the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists). They are warning drivers to be extra vigilant when driving.

There have also been concerns that some drivers will actually be playing the game while driving! This might seem very bizarre but it has been known to happen in the past with other games. Every year hundreds of drivers are stopped and fined for using a smartphone or tablet behind the wheel. As you will already know, this will be the main contributing factor to drivers losing control of their vehicles. Something that we at Want Driving Lessons do not want you to do!

Driving needs both hands on the wheel as well as full concentration at all times. Even if the game is switched on and a Pokemon is spotted, the driver would probably have to physically stop the car in order to carry on with the game. This is not always convenient or safe to do.

There is some concern that the Pokemon Go game will take the illegal use of mobile phones behind the wheel to another level.

The idea of the game is a good one though. It aims to get people out of their homes playing games with a console and out doing exercise through walking. This said, we would strongly advise both drivers and pedestrians to pay attention on the roads they are travelling through.

Simple steps could be to just switch off the game while driving. This way there will be no distractions at the wheel.

Stopping pedestrians from using the game would probably be impossible due to it’s popularity. But if you are a regular Pokemon hunter, we would advise that you exercise caution when looking for Pokemon. For instance, make sure a family member and friends know where you are. Stick to daylight hours and places that are busy. Also, be careful when approaching main roads and junctions, as well as crossings. This will be where vehicles could be making complicated manoeuvres or stopping suddenly.

This is clearly the next big gaming addiction, and one that could likely be around for a while. It could be a lot of fun if both drivers and pedestrians take their safety seriously while playing the game.

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14 Million Drivers Forget Their Cars! Sun, 17 Jul 2016 07:39:39 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]>

You don’t need us to tell you that cars are big investments! Even a small four door will still set us back around £8,000 or more. Many of us will spend months searching for the right one before putting down our hard earned cash. So why is it so easy to forget where you last parked your car?

‘Car amnesia’ is actually a thing it’s been found! Some 14 million of us in the UK have actually forgotten where we have parked our cars in the past year. So a little forgetfulness is ok right? Well not when it produces around £126 million in parking fines! Yes, simply forgetting where you have parked your car will mean time in finding it. Time that we haven’t put in the parking meter!

This extensive research comes from Direct Line Car Insurance, and has been carried out over the past year. They surveyed a total of 419 drivers in this latest study. Findings have shown that the average UK driver can spend around half an hour every year looking for their car! This is after they have not bothered remembering or taking note of where they had parked it in the first place!

But what about that age old competition between the sexes? It was found that men spent more time looking for their cars than females did last year. They took around 40 minutes on average compared to 29 minutes that the women drivers did.

The Reasons…

But why are so many people forgetting where they parked their cars? A busy lifestyle can naturally make a person forget the everyday things. A driver might park in a hurry and go off to get on with their day, quickly forgetting where they had parked the car.

Car parks are getting bigger. Take a look at the parking layout at any large superstore or shopping centre. There are several layers as well as being at different locations. Some may argue that not all of these car parks are very well sign posted. It was found that these places are popular when it comes to losing your car. The average driver in the UK has actually lost their car in multi storey car parks a total of four times on average in the past year.

The Consequences and what you can do about it

Forgetting where your car is will likely incur parking fines from taking too long. However another huge issue surrounding not finding the car is having it towed away! Six per cent of drivers who have ‘lost’ their car found it being towed away or clamped.

A good idea could be to photograph your car, even on your phone’s camera. You’ll also capture a little information about the location of the parked car. Perhaps there is a certain building that can be seen behind the car? Or any other notable landmark. It’s these clues that can hint at the cars location.

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Dash Cams: A Good Idea? Sun, 10 Jul 2016 09:13:41 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]>

 More and more insurers are offering and encouraging the use of dash cams as well as other ‘in-car’ equipment. While we are all carrying a super powered camera on our smart phones, the use of dash cams is something that’s increasing in popularity too.

What are dash cams?

Dash cams are fitted to the front of a vehicle and they record the events through the windscreen. Although dash cams in some form or another, have been around for a while, recent smart phone technology has meant that these cameras are now sharper and more focused than they have been in the past.

Why have a dash cam fitted?

While not everyone is impressed with them, there are lots of good reasons for having a dash cam in the car. Picture the scene: A driver flashes you with his headlights to let you move out of a junction, then he purposely drives into you! The driver might then deliberately put his foot on the brake, which would make the scene look like a crash site. It’s ‘Crash for cash’ scams that are costing British insurers millions.

It has become a lucrative industry but has increased motoring insurance premiums by anything up to £90. Along with these inflated prices, there is plenty of frustration and upset caused by these incidents. Having a dash cam fitted will give police as well as insurers a clearer idea of what actually happened. This will hopefully put a stop to rising insurance premiums too.

Better driving

As the old adage goes ‘Seeing is believing’. As drivers we are expected to be watching for several different things at once. Watching for oncoming traffic as well as pedestrians while keeping an eye on the speed you are driving at! Knowing ‘how’ we are driving is not always easy to do. Any of the Want Driving Lessons qualified driving instructors will be able to give you an impartial opinion of your driving according to the official rules of the road. However, in addition to having a second opinion on your driving, a dash cam could give you a first hand account of your driving skills. It will not be biased information based on a witness account, just your driving and how it happened, an idea that is appealing to so many drivers.

Dash cam must haves

Look for a cam that records at least 720p resolution or 1280×720 pixels (HD). This is so that you’ll get clear footage when you play it back.

Some dash cams come with a G-force meter. This is used for recording incidents when they happen. They work whenever there is a sudden impact or hard brake. The G-force meter works to protect the footage and stops it from getting deleted. It can then be viewed later.

Auto-loop recording means that even when the memory card is full, the cam will keep recording over previous footage unless that is protected by file protection. GPS is also recommended because it means that you’ll be able to record, date, position, time and speed of the car.

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Porsche 356 Speedster for Kids! Sun, 03 Jul 2016 08:46:13 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]>


Vintage cars are a real luxury, a dream to car owners everywhere! Who wouldn’t want to own a vintage Porshe or Jaguar? Driving around town in one of these is bound to get you noticed. Well now you can own a Porsche 356 Speedster. There is only one problem- you won’t be able to drive it because it’s made for children!

This is a Pocket Classics version and is on the market for around £12,000. It sits at around 70 inches long and 30 inches wide. The original adult versions would have been made from 1948 until 1965, so this model is a vintage one and well worth the price tag for those who are into collectables. But what a shame that us grown ups aren’t able to drive this beauty!

The company who have manufactured the Speedster has said that the car was made for children with wealthy parents. The age range would be around ages 6 to 12! This rules the rest of us out unfortunately. However, it’s obviously not a car that can be driven on the roads by children! So in itself, it’s a one off model that can be appreciated for it’s workmanship and style.

What is is made of?

The miniature car has been created from aluminium and steel for the chassis. The body has been created from a hand-laid fibreglass that was made with permission from Porsche AG. Take a look at the finer details too and you’ll find real attention to detail in the gold badges on the front and back of the car. This model has flawless chrome fittings throughout and the slotted wheels that this Porsche design is known for, only as a smaller version.

It’s a car that is made for one, with the interiors upholstered in fine leather. The controls are no exception, the pedals are made from chrome, the steering wheel is made from wood with three spokes holding it in place. There are three decorative dashboard instruments that resemble fuel, speed and remaining fuel. Even thought these don’t work, the rest of the car does! It runs on a 24v DC motor. The car comes complete with two forward gears and a reverse gear. At the most, a driver is looking to drive at speeds of 12 mph.

Little drivers can expect to charge these cars for three hours before they are able to drive for the same amount of time. £12,000 is a lot for a piece of history, but demand for the model is said to be high.

Thinking about learning to drive in a proper car? Want Driving Lessons are conducing both manual and automatic driving lessons in your area at great prices! Get in touch with us today and we will put together a package that’s right for you. Know someone who is thinking about learning to drive? Give them the gift of driving with any of our driving lesson vouchers.

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