Worldwide recession hit car sales

The beginning of the year is never good for sales in general. Most Christmas seasons are expensive so it is understandable that so many of us are tightening our belts. The recession makes this even more the case with car sales on the decline. Just two months into 2013 and international car sales have been down by 10% on last years sales. However things have been a little different here in the U.K with motor sales actually rising by 11.5%!

The first month of the year saw new car sales drop by 9.6% in Europe compared to the 2012 statistics. JATO Dynamics who have carried out this survey have said that there is at present no sign of a recovery in the European market.

Out of the top five European markets Germany was down by 8.6%, France fell by a huge  15.1%. Car sales also fell in Spain by 9.2% and Italy 17.6%. But even elsewhere in Europe like the Netherlands where there was a huge drop of 30.4%. While our Irish neighbours found that sales of automobiles fell by a significant 18.8%.

Gareth Hession, the Vice President of Research at JATO claimed “2013 has not seen any renewed demand for new cars in much of mainland Europe. The automobile market remains challenging and highly competitive right now”

But what are people buying? Well in terms of makes and models the Volkswagen Golf is still the best selling car overall in Europe despite the general decline in sales. One of the reasons maybe the launch of the new VW Golf 7 model. The new model came at a time of flagging sales for the car manufacturer and gave them a much needed boost.

Second place went to those smaller cars. The ‘Super mini’s’ were responsible for just over 20,000 of the car sales this year. Although the Ford Fiesta declined by 12.5% it has still been a significant presence in the sales charts. It still had one up on the VW Polo which fell by a huge 21%. The Renault Clio on the other hand improved significantly and has shot back up the charts. With the new Clio 4 recently revealed we can expect to see those little Renault cars do very well.

The Peugeot 208 wasn’t far behind in the top ten list of cars. Again a relatively smaller car it clocked up a staggering 19,260 sales all on it’s own. Looking at the top ten trending popular cars in Europe can give us an idea of what people are looking for. Smaller more versatile cars that will do the job and hopefully be run economically at a lower cost to what a larger family estate car would cost. Could we see this change if and when the worldwide recession lifts?

The war of the super value cars is set to go on through the rest of the year. People want value for their money in this tense financial climate so this will certainly be a competitive battle! Especially with the unveiling of newer more improved models.

Here is the list of 2013 best sellers in Europe so far:

1 VW Golf

2 Ford Fiesta

3 VW Polo

4 Renault Clio

5 Peugeot 208

6 Ford Focus

7 Nissan Qashqai

8 Vauxhall Astra

9 Vauxhall Corsa

10 Fiat Panda

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