Furry Dice and Steering Wheel covers- Customizing your car

Once you have your drivers licence the next step would be to get that vehicle to call your own. Your own special little space on wheels! Perhaps you will invest in a vintage style larger vehicle? Something like a Campervan and take to the roads on those motoring-type holidays? Maybe you live in a city or busier town and prefer to drive about in that little run around? A smart two-seater that will get you to wherever you need to go, perfect for zipping in and out of city congestion.

One of the joys of finally owning a car of your very own is that you will be able to customize it. Now the Want Driving Lessons blog has delved into the weird and wonderful world of car customization on many an occasion. But just how ‘practical’ are some of these modifications?

Furry Dice: The original car decoration that is the furry dice! First made famous in America during the 1950′s. It was said that during World War II American pilots would hang furry dice in the cockpit area of the planes for good luck. It was only in the 1980′s when it became famous here in the U.K. We couldn’t get enough of these quirky and fun dice back then. Just as part of owning a car as spoilers and chunky front grills! Furry Dice would normally be found hanging from the rear view mirror.

‘Magic Trees’ were also very cool for a time. A type of car air freshener, there were lots of different scents as well as the ‘Pine fresh smelling green ones.  In some parts of the world one will still see the superstitious ‘Evil eye’ or ‘Nazar’ lucky charms. These are blue or green glass eye decorations believed to keep the driver and passengers in the car safe from accidents.

Although they can look nice at times, many drivers will argue that having hanging decorations from the rear view mirror can and will obstruct their view of the road. This is not a good idea, especially not for the newly qualified driver!

It is not an offence to hang those dice or magic trees from your mirrors but be warned: Full attention must be on the road ahead so hanging decorations might not be wise. 

Steering Wheel Covers: But what about those cool furry steering wheel covers? Some of them can be a tad on the ‘crazy’ side! While they do look great and fun, they could also prove to be more of a hindrance than an asset. Take the fluffy versions for example: it could get caught in all your sovereign rings and cause major trouble as you make those turns.

Wiggly Hula Girls: No Car interior decoration blog post is complete without those dashboard darlings- the dancing hula girls! These little plastic figurines are a legend unto themselves. Basically they wiggle with the movement of your car. The girls have been around for decades, especially popular in the United States  here our version of the Wiggling hipped Hula Girl will be the ‘Nodding Dog’. Whether at the front of your car

There is nothing strange about wanting to make the inside of your vehicle look pretty- just keep practicality and safety in mind.

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