Sharpen up your Hazard Perception skills with Want Driving Lessons

No matter how much revision that you do- the thought of taking the Hazard Perception part of your driving test can be a daunting one!

Here’s what you will need to know about the Theory Test: It is made of a ‘Multiple choice’ section of  fifty questions. To pass this first part of the test you will need to obtain a mark of 43 or more correct answers. Although this section can be challenging you will be able to revise those practice questions beforehand, so can feel confident that you have prepared.

The next part of the test will be done in front of a computer screen. The Hazard Perception test needs you to spot and click on the oncoming hazards before they are deemed a danger. In real life when driving you will find that most hazards don’t start off actually being hazards- That pedestrian walking on the side pavement for example. It’s only when this pedestrian steps out onto the road that they can potentially become a danger, to themselves and you also. All drivers must know how and when to spot hazards like these and avoid danger.

The Hazard Perception test is designed to make sure that your danger-spotting skills are up to scratch!  The series of video clips will each feature one of two hazards for you to spot- the quicker you spot them the more points you will score! There are five points for each clip and you will need to score 44 points or over.

Tips for your Hazard Perception test:

Focus focus focus! (And we don’t mean that in a ‘Ford’ way). The most important tips that anyone will give you is to be alert on the day. No matter how hard it may be- try and get a good night’s sleep the night beforehand. Turning up to any test not 100% mentally ready can be more of a hindrance.

Prepare for the test, although you won’t be able to revise actual questions beforehand you will be able to take advantage of our Hazard Perception clips. Speak to your Want Driving Lessons instructor or one of our advisers about the Theory Test Study pack we have on offer. We offer you two months of study with unlimited access for only £10. You will be able to practice those hazard perception skills at any time of the day or night

It’s a proven fact that the more practice one has, the more confidence comes. Although whether you pass or not will depend on how you perform on the day. You will be used to the layout of the screen and will have trained yourself on what to look out for!

We also recommend that you go through any Hazard Perception questions with your Driving Instructor weeks in advance. Not sure what sort of hazards will crop up?  Your instructor will be happy to discuss this with you- it is especially important that you go through area specific hazards as well as general ones. This will be useful as you will be taking the practical driving test in your home town.

If you are about to take your Theory test Want Driving Lessons wishes you the best of luck!

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