Feeling better about Failing!


Failing the theory test or practical once or twice can be heartbreaking! After all lots of time and effort goes into those driving lessons. Not to mention the costs of the lessons themselves. Then there is the constant revision for the theory test weeks before, and hours of your own private practice on the roads too. Any of the driving instructors at Want Driving Lessons will tell you that learning to drive is so much more than just taking a weekly driving lesson.

But failing the driving test doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Some learner drivers actually become better for it. Why is this the case? Firstly they will have had hours and hours of extra experience with a driving instructor. Once they have been through the testing process a few times they will not be so nervous- nerves can be a major culprit when it comes to failing tests. So after a few fails, most learner drivers in our experience go onto pass both parts of the test with flying colors. Many of our former pupils who have failed in the past are now happy and competent drivers.

However there are some extreme cases in which it will take the the learner driver a little longer to pass the test.  We are not talking about three or four times, or even ten times but a whopping ninety-two times!

The Freedom of Information act has revealed the details of this extreme case. A learner driver living in Leicester has forked out over £3000 on his Theory test alone. At only 28 the un-named man has actually attempted to pass the theory test a grand total of ninety-two times. Yes you read right…ninety-two attempts at the theory test and ninety-two fails!

The tests were taken at the Halford Street test Center in Leicestershire. But the existing documents only go back to April 2004, so there is the very real possibility that this learner driver whoever he is has actually attempted the test a further few times!

It’s a well known fact among experienced driving instructors that the Theory test will constantly evolve. This is the DSA ‘s attempt at keeping the driver’s exam fresh, something that they believe will enable new drivers to be the best drivers that they can be! The way the system works will in most cases become more difficult with each passing year. The DSA have also made plans to no longer publish questions outside of the examinations themselves. New drivers will go into the test not knowing what to expect at all!

But this isn’t the only isolated case of extreme failure: The Driving Standards Agency have revealed that a 33 year old is known to have taken the theory test 22 times before eventually passing the test. The DSA is not allowed to name the students because of Data Protection laws (we wouldn’t want our names known if it had taken us all those tries either!)

Want Driving Lessons hope that this un named man who lives in Leicester does one day pass the theory test and go onto become that confident driver!

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