Dangerous Driver’s School

Did you manage to catch the last episode of Dangerous Driver’s School on Channel Five last night?

Last night we saw Alan, a care worker who lives in Rotherham. He is 24 years of age and has been driving for five years. He has been driving confidently for five years but there is just one thing really holding him back. He is terrified of driving on motorways! How has he survived for five years as a driver without travelling on motorways? Alan has stayed away from motorways for so long that he has forgotten the difference between the Central Reservation and the Hard Shoulder (For you non-drivers- this is not a good thing)

Even though Alan’s Mum is a qualified Driving Instructor, but she can’t help his with his road phobia! After several attempts to try and get him onto the motorways have failed, his Mum has recommend that he avoids motorways entirely! But it’s not just Alan, according to statistics there are another 5 million people who are also terrified of driving on those larger roads. This is called ‘M-Phobia’ and has the power to ruin quality of life for many drivers. Driving Instructor Ashley Grigg steps in and gets the nervous Alan out onto the motorways. It’s heartwarming TV as Alan combats his fears.

Meanwhile in Essex, we see trainee accountant Jade. At 21 she likes to live life in the fast lane and is a regular speeder. Her main goals in life are that her hair and nails are always perfect! A full on social life means that she is always struggling to keep up with friends. Driving faster is her answer to getting back on schedule. It’s only natural that her temper will get the better of her while she is speeding. Jade’s mum is not impressed with her daughters driving and finds it a terrifying experience.

It is a statistical fact that nearly one in three drivers that are killed on the roads will be under 25 years of age. Jackie, Jade’s mum is worried that it is only a matter of time before her daughter is involved in an accident due to her dangerous driving. It’s not surprising that Jade’s whole family want her to change her ways before it’s too late. Driving Instructor Sarah Dean takes Jade out on the roads to assess and improve those driving issues!

Remember Kate Walsh from ‘The Apprentice’ a few years ago? Well she built her television career on her newly found fame as well as marrying fellow contestant Philip. While things have been going great, her driving isn’t! In fact she would even say that her driving got worse! Kate is a reckless and dangerous driver on the central London roads. Husband Philip thinks that she is way too aggressive as a driver. There is some real tension between the couple because of it. Can expert Driving Instructor Karen Parker help iron out some of Kate’s driving issues? She certainly gives it her best shot in this episode as they drive through London.

Dangerous Driver’s is essential TV for everyone, but especially for those of you who want to learn how ‘Not’ to drive!

Dangerous Driver’s School is on Thursdays on Channel Five at 8pm

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