Top Five worst cities to drive in!

For most of us driving through London or any of the U.K’s other major cities, traffic can be a nightmare! Getting to work every morning can often seem like one huge headache! While things can seem pretty severe here, its nothing compared to the driving habits in some parts of the world. Here are just a few examples of places that you may not want to drive in!

1.Rome: Travelers in Italy will often come across that old joke: Italian drivers are all failed racing drivers- hence why their driving is so bad! When driving in Rome be aware of tailgaters, and those getting up close and personal with your back bumper! Rear-view mirrors are not seen as important. The important traffic is in front or beside your car! Seat belts are rarely used here, one of the many reasons that fatality rates can be extremely high. Daily collisions are the norm in Rome, so if visiting for the first time it might not be worth hiring a car. Public transport might be the safer option!

2. Mumbai, India:  Driving in India is known as possibly the most dangerous in the world! Forget everything you have learnt in your driving lessons! Indian drivers go by their own rules, despite numerous attempts by the government to sort this problem out. No one seems to worry about traffic lights, overtaking on very tight corners is normal. Ignoring any lane markings and signs is also common practice. However millions of people travel through the city everyday and survive: But for those who are not experienced in Indian driving we wouldn’t recommend it.

3. Athens, Greece: Greece is one of the worlds most popular tourist destinations! Known as the Cradle of Civilization, some people would tell you that the driving standards are not ‘civilized’. Like the other cities on the list it is a metropolis, there are scooters, exhaust pumping motorcycles everywhere one looks. For those drivers who are in the know they will tell you that there is a general disregard for all traffic laws, rules and regulations. As well as an unwritten rule where Greek drivers never to let anyone in from a side street!

4. Ulaanbataar, Mongolia: This city has over a million inhabitants. Set in the wilds of Mongolia, only about a quarter or the city can be driven through. Beyond the city one will find that only part of the country’s “roads” have any sort of visible markings or signs. With low seat belt use, and a lack or good quality driver training, the Mongolian driver also has to contend with extreme weather conditions. The temperature swings can range from nearly 40C in the summer and well below zero during the wintertime.

5. Paris, France: The Arc de Triomphe is surrounded by a huge traffic circle with 13 different entrances! There are absolutely no markings or lines, and lots of other drivers who are just as confused about where they are going. Exactly like the other cities on the list, there will be a myriad of cycles, scooters and motorbikes all trying to get out of the same exit as everyone else!

Want Driving Lessons can’t speak for these other countries but we will certainly be able to give you the driving skills you need to drive in the U.K!

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