Weird and wonderful ways to ice proof your car this winter!

Most of Britain is in the middle of what seems like an arctic winter. Although we are not the coldest place to be in Europe or the world- but it is still pretty cold! We have seen temperatures plunge into the minus numbers this week. With fog and ice related accidents happening all over the country it’s a good idea to completely prepare your car before setting out on your journey, even for those shorter trips!

Of course you can just use a traditional de-icer but here are some novel ways in which you can ice proof your car using everyday household products:

Car Windows can be protected from ice with a vinegar and water solution. Just fill three parts of  vinegar to one part of water. Put it in an empty spray bottle and spray on your car windows at night to protect against the morning frost. Your windows should be clear of any icy mess, it works through the acidic content in the vinegar. The acetic acid increases the melting point of water and stops it from freezing at it’s normal temperature.

What about if you forget to do this the night before as suggested? Don’t worry just take the solution and spray it all over your iced windows and watch the frost melt before your eyes.

Got a car door lock that just won’t open because of being frozen stiff? It’s a problems that causes problems when it comes to Winter driving all too often. But there is a simple solution using a little hand sanitizing gel! Just squirt a bit of the alcohol based gel onto the lock and hey presto!

It’s the alcohol in the gel that does the trick! It’s an active ingredient in so many de-icers. The only thing to look out for is a gel that contains 60% or over of alcohol or it will not work. There are many ‘non-alcohol based’ gels on the market.

There is nothing worse than waking up to a fogged over windscreen, while many drivers feel that they can’t do anything about this, you can ‘Fog-proof’ your windscreen with simple shaving cream!

The Shaving Cream creates a film over the glass that protects the screen from fog. Spray the shaving cream over the inside of the windscreen and wipe away any excess with a clean cloth. The ingredients that are in the shaving cream can be found in the more expensive de-foggers bought at the supermarkets.

There is nothing worse than squeaky windscreen wipers in the winter! So to avoid this one, you can wipe them gently with a cloth covered in alcohol. Once again the alcohol will cut through any build up of grease, grime or ice that is causing your wipers to squeak.

Prevent your car doors from getting stuck with ice by cooking spray! This spray is normally used to stop food sticking to your frying pans when cook, but it has it’s uses in de-icing your car doors too. Spray it over all the rubber seals on the car doors, wiping away any excess with a paper towel.

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