A Change of Career?

Many of us will be beginning to feel the strains of our New Year Resolutions. Maybe you had planned on going on that diet? Or maybe learning a new skill, perhaps for you this will mean learning a new language and travelling more? Want Driving Lessons know that there are no limits to what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.

One of the top priorities for many people will be changing or improving their working conditions. Reaching for that promotion or a change of career that will be a more rewarding one. Have you been a driver for a number of years? Or do you know someone who has and think they would make a great driving instructor?

The longer you have been driving the more experience of the roads you will have. This is one of the most valuable assets that any driving instructor can possess. Then there are the teaching aspects- do you think you would enjoy passing on information to others in a lively and interesting way? Because both instructor and pupil work so closely together it is important that there is a good teaching relationship between the two. The driving instructor will need to help the pupil conquer some of his or her fears. Helping a nervous student become confident is not always an easy task and will require a dedicated and gentle approach.

Becoming a fully fledged driver requires the learner to pass a number of set examinations. The theory and practical tests can be a frightening thought for those who may not feel prepared. It is the driving instructors job to make sure that their pupil is fully ready to take the test. Each pupil must be trained to pass!

Some of the required personal traits: The driving instructor will need to remain calm at all times. The new learner driver will naturally be cautious at the wheel, this is where they will make mistakes and this is where the driving instructor will need to step in in an effective but calm manner.

Any confident driving instructor will need to be in control of the vehicle at all times too. Naturally there are the dual controls to fall back on in times of need, but the driving instructor must also be aware of the driving conditions around him or her. You will need to be flexible, available to conduct driving lessons outside the normal 9-5 working hours. You will also be required to travel from one lesson location to the next.

One of the most important questions one must ask themselves is this: Do you enjoy Driving? 

It is so important for many of us to enjoy what we do for a living. This is the same for anyone thinking about retraining to become a driving instructor. It is a job that requires you to spend hours everyday in a moving car. You will not necessarily be spending this time in ‘easy’ driving conditions. It is highly likely you will have to negotiate your way through heavy traffic and other difficult road situations. However these can give those more adventurous drivers a real challenge!

If all these sound like criteria that you could match, you could be just the candidate to become a driving instructor with Want Driving Lessons! 

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