Bad Driving Habits

When most drivers pass their driving test they will be as close to perfect when it comes to their driving techniques. They will have spent hours on these skills learning how to each part of the car for it’s intended purpose. Want Driving Lessons teaches each of our students to the highest levels so we are confident that each is the best possible driver they can be!

After some time it’s only natural for many of us to pick up bad driving habits. This is not something to be ashamed of, we subconsciously choose to use ‘short cuts’ or do things that we think will make driving more convenient. Some of these ‘self learnt’ techniques could actually put your life and the life of others in danger.

Mobile Phones: An obvious one is using a mobile phone while driving. There have been stringent laws implemented to discourage this practice. His or her attention will be taken off the road no matter for how long: Even a split second could mean life or death!  While driving one’s full concentration must be on the road.

Not using rear view and wing mirrors: It’s surprising how many drivers fold in one of their side mirrors! It said to help when parking in a tight spot. If a spot is that ‘tight’ we wouldn’t recommend parking there. Not being aware of what is around your car as you move it is dangerous to say the least! Rear view and side view mirrors are there for some very good reasons and must be used!

Multi tasking: Life for many of us is a hectic one and we often find ourselves having to juggle activities and duties. Many experienced drivers will also do this while they are on the roads. Whether it is trying to read a map, turning round to talk to the back seat passengers or fumbling around in a bag looking for house keys. These activities can all prove to be very dangerous. Like using a mobile phone, the driver can easily find that their attention is taken off the road.

Not Preparing for Road Conditions: There is no excuse with constant internet CCTV updates and radio/news weather warnings. So many more experienced drivers decide to venture out in extreme weather conditions. And many will not worry about preparing with a fully charged mobile phone, spare blankets, food supplies and fresh drinking water.

Not wearing a seat belt: Many drivers openly admit to not fitting their seat belt as soon as they get into their car. They will say that it is restrictive or uncomfortable. The seat belt will not prevent an accident but it is able to stop injuries turning into worse ones and even death.

Feel like you need to go over your driving techniques? Do you know someone who could do with revising theirs? Want Driving Lessons have an exclusive ‘Refreshers driving course’ available. You will be taught by our qualified driving instructors who will get you back those great driving skills! Get in touch and enroll today on 0203 086 7988!

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