Leaving your sheep unattended in your truck- weird animal and driving laws

Want Driving Lessons will tell you that as a driver will come across and experience some very strange things on the roads- that’s a given. But how weird can things get can often depend on where in the world you will be driving. We know that there are some very weird driving laws in place- but the weirder things is that there need to be these laws in place to stop drivers from doing these things in the first place.

For example did you know that in Montana you are absolutely not allowed to leave a sheep unattended in your truck. Why one would even have sheep in the truck is an interesting point- unless the truck was made to transport sheep then obviously it would be fine. But random sheep in cars?

In California the law states that you are only allowed to shoot one mammal from the window of your car. Is it right to even have a gun in your car? Or have a gun at all? I guess you never know when the odd really aggressive whale will get all in your face? Seriously though- this law says its absolutely fine to shoot a whale!

Kansas is known for being the place where The Wizard of Oz was based. It’s portrayed as the sort of magical town where you can be picked up by a tornado and swept away to a magical place. Back to the real world and on Kansas Avenue in Kansas City you are not allowed to drive with dead poultry in your vehicle. Wonder if that includes a KFC Zinger Tower meal?

Here’s another crazy sheep related law: In Hollywood it is illegal to drive more than 2,000 sheep through Hollywood Boulevard at any one time. So if you have a couple of extra’s they will have to wait for you to return for the second trip.

Do you love your exotic pets? So many do and it’s not unusual to see people out and about with the weirdest looking of animals. They maybe taking a stroll down the high street as we speak! Here are a few things to keep in mind if you live in California with your exotic animals: Remember to keep your elephant on a leash when strolling through Market Street! You are absolutely not allowed to walk your camel through Palm Canyon Drive, California at anytime between the hours of 4 and 6pm.

And lastly: See that tasty looking bit of road kill while driving home after a hard days work? Did you accidently kill it yourself? Not sure if you are allowed to peel it off the road and take it home for impromptu evening meal? I mean some of those porcupines can make a pretty mean roast with some potatoes and a bit of side salad! In most places this would be considered extremely weird. Well good news for those of you living in West Virginia if you do by chance run over a tasty looking morsel, invite all your pals around because roadkill may be taken home for supper!




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