Up to 50% off your Car Insurance with Want Driving Lessons

It’s not just all about the furry dice: Driving is a fantastic skill to have without doubt! There’s no waiting around for public transport or spending most of your earnings on ever rising prices of bus and train fares. Having a driving licence opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you when it comes to your job too! Many job applications will only be accepted if you have a full license. You are in the comfort of your own space when driving in a car and have the independence that no other mode of transport can give you. The world’s roads are your oyster as a driver!

But we at Want Driving Lessons know what an expense learning to drive can be at first! There are the provisional licence fees to be paid before you even get into the drivers seat! Then the driving lessons themselves, how many lessons you need to pass your test is different for each learner driver. There are costs for both the Theory and Practical tests too, so all in all it’s not cheap. To help you with these costs Want Driving Lessons can help you save up to 50% off your driving insurance when you complete the Driving Standards Agency’s Pass Plus course with us.

Designed for all new drivers who have passed their practical and theory tests in the past year- the Pass Plus course enables the newer drivers to fine tune their driving skills. You have the chance to put into practice your new skills with your Instructor beside you. The best way to perfect your driving techniques as a fully qualified road user.

This course runs for a minimum of six hours- the total amount of time depends on the driving school you have chosen. Some will offer you a little more time depending on how quickly you progress through the set tasks. The six modules that you will cover include: Driving in town, driving in all weather conditions, driving on rural roads, night time driving, driving on dual carriageways and driving on motorways.

You do not need to worry about exams, assessments or coursework as there are none on the Pass Plus course. The certificate of completion once you have finished all the six modules will allow you to receive one years ‘No Claims Bonus’ on your car insurance. This will bring down costs considerably when it comes to taking out car insurance for the first time.

The way that many Insurance companies look at it is this: Taking the Pass Plus course means that you are responsible driver already as you have taken the time to go that once step further. So it is expected that you will go onto be a sensible and safe road user in years to come.

Not all Insurers offer a discount so Want Driving Lessons encourage you to shop around for the best deal. When you find a reputable insurer that do offer the Pass Plus discount make sure you show them your certificate. Churchill, Direct line and More Than/Royal and Sun Alliance are just some Insurers who are known to offer great deals for drivers who have taken the DSA’s Pass Plus course. Interested? Speak to us and find out about taking the Pass Plus with Want Driving Lessons! 

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