A Car that’s out of this world!

We all love a well designed car, many of us couldn’t even imagine being able to ever own one of the world most beautiful cars- but we can look! There have been some crazy car designs in the past and we have seen them disappear into obscurity but what about this one? The designer of ‘The Extra Terrestrial Vehicle’ (yes it’s really called that!) was bored of regular car design and wanted to go that little bit further. And he created something that’s not really your regular Ford Focus!

The ETV is very ‘alien’ looking and could be something from outer space. It’s construction is based on the Chevrolet car.  Looking at it, it’s hard to believe that it was designed by a human being- perhaps it really is from ‘somewhere else’? With it’s curved body the designer car looks as if it could take off at any moment, but alas it cannot. But it does have a rather large windscreen- five feet to be exact. The bird-wing doors open with a remote control- this motor really is flash!

It has a very swish system with which you can make all those tricky manouveres so much easier! The two cameras that are planted at the perfect places on the car will make light work of any reverse or parallel parking mission.

The designer of the ETV Italian Micheal Vetter runs his car factory in Florida and is known for making several ‘out of this world’ cars. He is catering for those who have fantasized about the perfect car since childhood, but Vetter seems to be carrying on his boyhood dream. He is also known as ‘Kit Car Mike’ – an obvious reference to Kit the taking car in the 80′s Knight Rider series.

He says: ”This ETV is built for the person that has had every kind of car and is still looking for something different…I have built more than 100 custom cars and this is the best of the best in terms of looks and reliability.”

Sounds like he is pretty proud of his creation, and he should be- It’s an estimated £75,000 for those who wish to own one of these. You could own a Porshe 911 for the same price! You would really paying for something that looks like it belongs in a science fiction movie!

Vetter goes onto say: ”I was unprepared for the initial response I would get while driving it but I would say I get five times as many people photographing it than if I was in a supercar…If you think a Bugatti Veyron gets a lot of attention, be prepared for something of a different flavour as this brings in so much positive energy.”

The Technical Bit: The ETV is comes fully equipped and is powered by a 2-litre supercharged engine. This in turn powers the car using a 270 bhp for the front wheels. The ETV uses a five-speed gearbox. So it’s a fairly state of the art car from the inside too!

One of the model ETV’s is currently on display at the London Motor Museum in Middlesex.


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