Fire Fears at Honda!

The Internationally renowned Japanese car manufacturing giant Honda have recalled nearly 500,000 cars after a fault was discovered only days ago. This fault could, if left unchanged could cause the driver’s door to catch fire. It is one of the more serious design faults found in the car manufacturing industry over recent years. The fault itself is a gap in the door itself, it is located where water could reach the power window controls and switch. It was discovered that this has caused the switch to overheat, melt and then to catch fire!

The spokesperson for Honda has said that the recall has so far affected around 489,000  CR-V sport utility vehicles also known as SUVs or Sports Utility Vehicles. The main area’s that have been affected so far include Europe and the United States. The Japanese Car Manufacturers have also said that some 220,000 CR-Vs in Europe and approximately 268,000 of those in the US were in the process of being checked for the design fault. It is also said that around another 100 of these vehicles were also being recalled in Africa. The models in question are said to range from 2002 right through to 2006.

To date there have been reports of five of the so called ‘Switch Fires’. Luckily there have not been any reports of injuries or fatalities due to the fault so far. However Honda have issued some advice to CR-V owners. They have advised them to park their cars out in the open where possible and away from areas that could cause inflammation- buildings such as petrol pumps or electricity plants. Although not proved to help, it is just a preliminary precaution until help can be sought. Honda fully intend to give each of these cars a full check and any relevant repairs made.

Although quite worryingly it is thought that the switch is able to catch fire even when the ignition is off! Spokesman Ed Miller has reassured all drivers of the vehicles that the switch is highly unlikely to catch fire on its own. It would need something to trigger this such as spilling liquid or falling rain seeping through to the delicate electrical’s  this causing a fire at the drivers side door. The spokesperson for Honda has not yet revealed  how much this recall will cost the company.

This revelation has come less than a week after Honda also recalled over 600,000 of it’s Accord cars in North America. There were fears that a Power Steering fluid leak could cause engine fires. Around about the same time there was also a recall of around 830,000 Honda Civic cars and Pilot SUVs as there were reports of headlight problems in these vehicles.

Over the next month Honda is reportedly planning on contacting each and every CR-V owner and offering vehicle checks and repairs completely free of charge. This repair is as we understand it involves placing a tough and water proof covering over the switch and surrounding area. This will protect it from any fluid that becomes trapped in the door. Hopefully this will stop any further damage to the car from happening.

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