The Stars and their Cars!

We’ve seen the Batmobile and James Bond’s Aston Martin cars all decked out with the most up to date gadgetry imaginable! But what do the stars actually drive in real life when popping to the local supermarket for a bottle of milk? Or when meeting their friends for lunch? What can you see those A-List celebrities driving when theya re mant to be out of the limelight? Here are our select list of Star’s Cars!

Jennifer Love Hewitt star of a load of nineties teenage/slasher movies and paranormal tv series ‘Ghost Whisperer’ can be found zipping around town in her dark blue Mercedes Benz convertible when not filming.

Ashley Tisdale (who plays Sharpey Evens in High School Musical) is seen above leaving a recording studio in a huge range rover- there is something great about big cars that the Celebs love in LA. Darkened windows are a must to keep out all those annoying paps!

A-Lister Ben Affleck is one of Hollywood’s leading actors and needs no introduction- here the star of Good Will Hunting, Pearl Harbour and The Sum of all Fears is spotted in his very sophisticated dark grey Mercedes Benz.

Another star on the list who likes her cars big, angry and protective is Halle Berry! But her Lexus looks to be more of a gentle giant than a monster motor! Her stylish Lexus is quite the fashion accessory as Halle Berry’s vehicle of choice as she drives in Hollywood!

Yes our very own homegrown David Beckham looks very comfortable behind the wheel of a ginormous and super swanky shiny Rolls Royce with son Brooklyn!

John Mayer, one time boyfriend of Jennifer Anniston and star of movies like Even Almighty, has to have one of the coolest cars around! His Orange and Baby Blue Ford GT is certainly eye catching that’s for sure!

Another fan of the Mercedes Benz, Here we see fashionista and TV reality star Lauren Conrad of ‘The Hills’ fame driving to her ‘lunch with the girls’ date in her sleek black motor!

You can’t get more stylish than a Bentley! But a Bentley Convertible is off the scale! The Basic Instinct and Total Recall star Sharon Stone certainly does have taste when it comes to what she drives! This luxurious car is everything an A-List celebrity would want to be seen in as she sits outside the Sunset Plaza with a friend, in Los Angeles California.

Star of the Fantastic Four movies along with Dark Angel Jessica Alba is no stranger to the limelight, she is spotted here with a big SUV (also known as Sports Utility Vehicle). Once again we are seeing those blacked out windows, something we see on a lot of celebrity vehicles- a chance for a little privacy as they drive.

So far we have seen Mercedes Benz being at the top of the list, with Lexus and Ford’s in there as joint second- with the odd heritage car manufacturer name thrown in for good measure too. The Stars certainly do love their cars!

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