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A bit about Want Driving Lessons…

Want Driving Lessons  started out as an independent School of Motoring way back in the late 1980′s. Based in London the small but dedicated team of Driving Instructors taught local residents how to drive. Because of the quality of these lessons the popularity of our school began to grow. In time, many of our own students impressed by our standard of Driving Tuition stayed on with us and trained as driving instructors too. Want Driving Lessons also attracted Instructors from other schools who were unhappy in their previous positions- today over twenty years later we are still going strong with an ever expanding area range.

There are many advantages to joining a school of motoring that is established- firstly the most obvious reason is experience. There are a great number of newer driving schools based in and around the London and Greater London area, so it’s often confusing to know where to start. But we will always recommend that you look for a school that has enough experience not only on an individual basis (with each instructor needing that real in depth area specific knowledge of the area they will be teaching you in). But also the school itself must be established in your area too, in a nutshell the longer a school has been teaching the better for you! With low pass rates will come an unsuccessful reputation for any motoring school, and unfortunately the chances are that it will not be in the driving tuition business for very long.

We here at Want Driving Lessons enjoy a very high pass rate in all the areas that our Driving Instructors operate in. This is simply down to the sheer hard work and dedication of the team. We believe in helping you to get the very best out of your time with us so offer a number of other services alongside the driving lessons you will take with us. Taking any of the optional courses that we offer will not only add to your confidence but will also fully prepare you when you become a completely independent driver.

One of the other aspects of our driving school that we pride ourselves on is our flexibility, each of our driving instructors are able to work around you and your daily commitments. This includes childcare commitments, working hours and even if you happened to be caring for an elderly relative- it’s important to us that we can be as accommodating as possible-this means evening and weekend lessons at no extra costs.

Our Franchise…

We are always on the look out for new talent when it comes to being part of our team! The exclusive Want Driving Lessons Franchise package is available to all of those doing their Instructor Training with us. The Want Driving Lessons team now covers all of the London areas, most of the Greater London counties and now the Luton area too. Check out Want Driving Lessons Facebook Page and on Twitter to read about our very attractive Instructor Training and Franchise package for residents in Luton!

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