Workin’ at the car wash!

The car wash is a quiet but essential part of society, these beauty salons for cars and vans have been there since forever. They are so cool that there have even been songs written about them! These automated Car washes are a fab way to help us make our motor’s look impressive (especially if you don’t want to spend your weekend with a bucket of soapy water and sponge doing it yourself outside your house).

They use something called a ‘Tempo auto tunnel wash system’. It’s a very impressive thing indeed, and all purpose built car wash’s have these fitted in. Large fluffy cylindrical sponges that rotate quickly as your parked vehicle is pulled through the tunnel. These cylinders have with them a specially formulated detergent that cleans the surface of your vehicle. Depending on the type of clean that you want it can cost you as little as five pounds in some places! And the absolute best thing about going to a car wash is that you can sit inside the car while it is all happening!

There are even more great reasons to have a car wash other than just having a lovely sparkly car! It is also a good idea when it comes to protecting your investment! Cleaning your vehicle is all part of maintaining it. If a car is not cleaned on a regular basis it’s common sense that it will suffer damage or wear and tear over time so it will not be as valuable when it comes to being sold. You may not think that there would be much difference in selling a clean car to one that is not as well maintained, but there can be. It’s a fact that cars in the best condition will be valued much higher than those cars that are not.

Another aspect to take into consideration is that having your car washed by the professionals is also environmentally friendly. Taking your car to a car wash will use up to 50% less water than a home car wash would. Also Car washes are careful with what they do with the dirty water, it will often be put in treatment facilities or other approved drainage facilities on site before being let into the main sewerage facilities. Unfortunately those of us washing our cars at home have no way to to make sure that the used water is not polluting the environment. The soap, grime and dirt from the environment that is cleaned from your car will unfortunately end up in sewers and then lakes, streams and rivers damaging the environment.

Taking your car to a car wash will also save you time, it will take you five to eight minutes to have your car washed in a car wash. But going it alone with a bucket and sponge can take anything from forty five minutes to an hour. It’s a great way to save time and energy especially for those working full time and who have other commitments.

So there you have it! Car washes win by a mile- they are energy efficient, quicker and more environmentally friendly than washing your car at home.

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