What not to wear when driving

We all know that having your own style is important, its a way of asserting your individuality! When the worlds of Motoring and Fashion come together the results can be truly amazing-but they can also be a little scary too! The first thing most people think of when setting out on that journey is to be as comfortable as possible. Surely no one is going to pay much attention to what you are wearing while in the car after all! Right?

Wrong! Police all over the world have been stopping drivers purely on their indecent attire (or complete lack of it!).  In some countries wearing the wrong sort of clothing when out in public driving can be a chargeable offence! You will be stopped and instantly arrested if you happened to be driving very scantily clad in Singapore for example! Here are just a few examples of some mega driving fashion faux pas:

Heels: We so wouldn’t recommend wearing heels! Your foot could be anything up to six inches off the floor, leaving only a small area on the pedals. Although some women will claim to be able to wear heels comfortably while driving, they will naturally have less control of the vehicle. The weight distribution of the foot does not lend itself well to driving!  But it’s not about the excruciatingly high heels, there are other types of footwear that are uncomfortable to drive in other than heels. Moon boots are a prime example! The flat rigid sole make it practically impossible to feel the pedals or how much gas or brake one is giving!

Naked driving: Simple answer, don’t do it-yes your mates might dare you, perhaps its for a stag night dare? Maybe that sweater you were wearing was too itchy and you were fed up of scratching! The idea may seem liberating but imagine having to explain your lack of clothing to the officer who stops you! And also spare a thought for your poor family members, asking your Mum to come along to the police station with some spare clothes could make for an interesting conversation.

Clothing from Another Galaxy: At the other end of the spectrum and wearing far too many crazy clothes we have Lady Gaga. Imagine wearing all this get up while driving? Could be mega awkward when stopping at traffic lights, unless it’s driving the space chariot to Mars, then it may well be considered acceptable driving attire. But seriously for those of us still living on Earth it’s probably not the best of idea’s.

There are many other items of clothing that we can think of being completely unsuitable for driving (far too obscene to be posted here-Think back to the famous Mankini worn by Borat!). While not wanting you to hold back on expressing yourself through your fashion statements, it’s worth bearing in mind that you may have to actually get out of the car in your outfit. We recommend thinking about wearing your ‘Normal Clothes’ while driving and change into your Batman or Cat Woman outfit once you reach your destination!

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