Car Insurance for Dummies

Everyone and their uncle seem to be offering Car Insurance these days! If you have never had to deal with it before it can seem more than a little confusing. There are many companies out there for you to choose from and websites claiming to compare the best prices for you. But what exactly is ‘the best’ price and what should you be looking for?

Well for starters there are three different types of insurance that you can have: Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft, and Comprehensive. The Third Party is the least you should be covered for on your vehicle, it ensures that the ‘third party’ ie: other people, passengers and  pedestrians will receive compensation as the result of an accident. But it will not cover any costs that you will have to repair damage to your own car.

Third Party Fire and Theft will cover everything that Third Party insurance does and a little more: It will also insure you and your vehicle in case of damage by fire or if it is stolen.

Finally the Comprehensive Insurance provides the same cover as the Third Party Fire and Theft, but in addition it covers you too in cases such as if your vehicle is damaged in an accident. It’s the most cover a person can have for their vehicle and will cost a lot more than the other two types of insurance. Having the fully comprehensive insurance in some cases also means that you are entitled to a courtesy car while the necessary repairs are going on, any legal expenses, Roadside recovery schemes (in case you are stranded) along with the vehicle repairs in case of breakdown. Many offer a ‘No Claims Bonus’ this is a lump sum if you do not claim from them.

There are ways in which you can obtain a discount on your Insurance costs as a new driver, for example taking the Pass Plus with us at Want Driving Lessons will entitle you to a discount with certain insurance companies.

When going on a price comparison website you will be asked details of the vehicle such as registration number, engine size, number of drivers you will wish the insurance to cover along with the type of Insurance you are looking for. They will be able to give you quotes from a whole host of insurance companies, but we always recommend that you do your research first!

Find a deal that looks like it could be the one for you? Get in touch with the company find out whether it is a reputable one (in the case of the big name companies this probably won’t be necessary, but it will be worth finding out if others have had a good experience with them).

There are many online forums when it comes to consumer care- its very likely that unhappy consumers will approach online watchdogs who will publish their findings online. Insurance is something you will need to consider but have a chat with us at Want Driving Lessons, any of our driving instructors will be able to help advise you and answer any questions you might have on the best type of Insurance to invest in!


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