Petrol Prices!

The Petrol Strike!

Sales of unleaded Prices have shot up by 172% and Diesel has been up by 77% according to the news over the last twenty four hours. The Retail Motor Industry Federation which works alongside UK independent petrol stations – have stated that sales yesterday were double compared to a normal Thursday sales.

“Panic-buying by motorists on Thursday brought in £32m extra in fuel excise duty for the Treasury, the AA calculated.”

After a mass walkout by Tanker drivers, Energy Secretary Ed Davey has advised everyone to double the amount of petrol they will buy, there will be immediate talks between both parties as they try to water down the effects of the strikes. Ed Davey said there was no need to panic but: ”motorists who usually only fill their tanks by one-third should consider upping this to two-thirds.” Also cabinet office minister Francis Maude has also advised motorists to fill up jerry cans in preparation for the possible strike action.

The government requires seven day’s notice before any planned strike. But even though no date has been set many petrol stations have had to close because of the sheer number of motorists wanting full tanks.

AA president Edmund King has said that the closures of these petrol stations is “self-inflicted”. He also said that: ”There is no fuel tanker strike and therefore if drivers followed normal fuel-buying patterns there would be no fuel shortage whatsoever.” Although many have voted against the strikes unless the talks go ahead next week there may continue to be strikes and motorists will have to be warned.

The petrol stations that are left open possibly will be swamped with motorists. There maybe some trouble on the roads in your area. Be prepared for some disruptions to your booked driving lessons in the next week or two because of the possible strike situation. If your lesson’s are going ahead make sure you are prepared. Keep a bottle of water with you and your mobile phone charged. Do not panic and remain calm. Hopefully the situation on the roads will pass allowing driving conditions to get back to normal.




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