Petrol Prices Soar in June!

While driving is an essential skill in today’s world, it does come at a cost. Petrol prices have been plummeting over the past few years, described by some as a ‘golden age’ for the consumer. But what goes down must eventually rise, the average fuel price has increased for the third month this year. In short, this has made filling up a car with a tank of petrol much more expensive than it was at the beginning of the year. It works out to be £5 more expensive in fact!

The RAC have been looking into this hike in prices. Their Fuel Watch data for last month has shown that on average, unleaded petrol has increased by 2 pence a litre. This was from the original price of 108.67p a litre to 110.59p. To put that in everyday price terms: It will add an extra £1 to the price when filling up a 55-litre tank. Family cars will suffer in the short term while prices are at a high. Since the beginning of the year, the average cost of a tank of petrol has increased by £4.77.

What about Diesel prices? 

The price rises have hit Diesel too in a bigger way! It’s increased by 2.2p a litre! This might not sound like a huge increase, but it soon adds up. It’s been raised from the original price of 108.49p to 110.70p. So a full tank of diesel will now cost an extra £1.22 than this time in February.

Spokesperson for the RAC Simon Williams has spoken about the increases: “Many drivers will be disappointed at the pump prices going up again. They have enjoyed filling up their vehicles with petrol and diesel for under £1 a litre at the beginning of 2016. Unfortunately the below-£1 litre is now nothing but a distant memory.”

Summer is here and most families are thinking about taking that road trip during the holidays. Many will be reconsidering their choice with these price increases are happening. That trip into the country could prove to be very expensive indeed.

There is some good news despite all the doom and gloom at the petrol pumps. The decrease in the output of fuel has now returned to regular levels in the Middle East. This means that the crude oil production prices will not directly affect customers at the petrol pumps as much over the next few months.

While the prices of petrol is at an all time high, we recommend sitting tight. There are ways to save money when it comes to driving, with many newer cars not fitted with power saving technology. Keeping your car well maintained can also save on unexpected repair costs later on. When making repairs, it’s recommended to shop around for the best deal with a reputable company. Cutting down the cost of driving can even start from when you are learning to drive! Want Driving Lessons offer some very competitive lesson prices for all our pupils.

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