Tyre Tips: Summer Caravan holidays made easy!

Ah the great British caravanning holiday? It is an established part of summers in the UK. While not for everyone, there is a chance that at least one of your neighbours will be headed to the coast in one of these glorious people carriers! However, these mobile homes do not come without risk, as there will always be several checks that need to be carried out before setting off.

One of the most important checks will be the tyres on these small mobile homes. Bridgestone (also known as the world’s most established tyre manufacturer) has put this very useful tyre information out there to help people enjoy their trip this year. Even if a caravan or other type of trailer is only moved a couple of times a year, you can find that a flat can appear within those times. This is mainly caused by the rubber becoming deformed because of the weight being put on it for a long time.

This will not only affect the quality of the journey, but can be dangerous when driving at high speeds on long road trips. So a tyre check is well worth doing at least a few days before making that journey.

Also to take into consideration is the natural wear and tear that a tyre will suffer. Even if it’s only taken out randomly. Rubber is a natural material that degrades over time. So your once new tyres with a super grip will not perform as well after a few years. It’s recommended to get caravan tyres changed around once every ten years. If not, you might find your car and attached caravan will be more prone to road traffic accidents.

Other tips for caravan tyres

For a safe journey tyres will need to be able to carry the load. It could be tempting to fit cheap tyres to a caravan without considering the weight and dimensions of the trailer or caravan. This will cost you dearly in the long run, as under inflated tyres will suffer wear and tear very quickly. They will also likely burst meaning an expensive roadside repair job for the driver. In the worst case scenario, there could be a loss of control that could prove disastrous.

A trip to a garage or having a qualified car mechanic look at the pressure of the tyres before hand could save tears later on. Properly inflated tyres will mean that any wear and tear that does happen will be evenly distributed. This will hopefully mean that the tyres last longer than they would have otherwise. A tip to check the tyre pressure is when they are cold and not during or just after a journey. If in doubt, the owners handbook will be there to guide you.

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