Get your Car Sparkling the Right Way!

We all get to that point where we just want to chuck a bucket of water over the car. It’s probably been a long time coming and your car might look a wreck! But there are things to keep in mind when cleaning the car. For a start, you’ll want to look after the finer details. Think about the paint work. Keeping your car in good nick on a regular basis will mean that you are gentler on the car in general. There will be less harmful chemicals damaging the body work of the car.

Once you have passed your driving test and have bought your first car, getting the showroom look doesn’t have to be hard work. It’s easy enough to wash a car and rid the bodywork of the dirt. Getting that unmistakable shine can be found in the details. Yes that means having to spend a little more time on sprucing up your car than usual perhaps. However, it was found that you’ll only need to do this routine every three to four months to keep your car looking amazing.


First things first! The actual car wash. Invest and use a good quality car shampoo, the chances are that these will be specially formulated to keep the paintwork from getting damaged. Domestic cleaners often contains salts, these are likely to cause damage. Use a lot of clean and cold water to rinse the car off. A good tip is to mix the car shampoo in a bucket with lukewarm water. The more foam the better as these bubbles will get the car clean.

The chamois leather has long been a staple part of cleaning a car. This or a microfibre cloth are soft enough to gently clean the car. This is where the hard work comes in, gentle strokes and round movements will help carry away dirt. Bird mess might be a sticking point when cleaning the car, don’t scrub away at these little marks as these will damage the car’s paint work.

Remember to get into all the nooks and crannies of the car, the hub caps as well as around the wheel and grill. Take note of the chrome fittings, making sure to keep them dry as water left here can sometimes cause marks to appear. A dry chamois leather is perfect to wipe down the car with, removing any leftover grit or dirt after the washing.


You really only need to do this once a year! Use a clay bar to take off all traces of dirt and marks found in the paint work. Even the cleanest car will have hidden patches of dirt. Look to polish the car on a cool evening away from direct sunlight.

It will take the polish a few minutes to dry, you can then buff the car to perfection. It’s this step that will give your car the gleam that it deserves! Once again, look to working into the smaller parts of the car. These include door handles, around light fittings. A tip is to use cotton buds to really work the polish into the smaller crevices.

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