Dealing with Road Rage

Unless you happen to live in a quaint country village where everyone is polite all of the time, the chances are that you’ll come up against road rage at some point. Perhaps you are prone to a little bit yourself? Road rage comes in lots of different forms, and unfortunately can spiral out of control!

According to research, a huge number of drivers feel their anger levels rise on the roads at least once a week. Ocean Finance surveyed around 2,000 drivers in their latest survey that revealed some startling results.

Around 85% of the drivers questioned said that they felt road rage at full force at least once a week. One in three of these drivers said that they are annoyed on the roads at least once everyday! It’s easy to see why, especially when stuck in traffic or dealing with other hold ups. But road rage makes even more sense when put into perspective: It was also found that one in three of the drivers questions had been in a road traffic accident that was due to negligence by another driver. That’s bound to get anyone riled up!

Driver numbers have increased over the past five years, with this the number of accidents that occur. People are in a rush while others will slow them down and cause some of the symptoms of road rage. It was found that tailgating as well as indicating at the wrong time are among the causes of road rage. Tailgating as well as indicating are among the top causes of road rage in the United Kingdom. Next it was using mobile phones at the wheel that got many driver’s blood pressure rising. Over speeding and under speeding were also on the list.

Who are the most annoyed drivers? It was found that 18-24-year-olds were most at risk of road rage. They would be most likely to follow up on the actions of bad drivers in order to let them know.

How to Stay Calm

Find that you are getting wound up on the daily drive into work? There are some ways to keep cool when under pressure behind the wheel.

- Allow extra time for the journey. Whether it’s work or a road trip, getting to the destination on time is all important. So why not allow an extra hour to get there to allow for traffic jams or other hold ups.

- Keep hydrated, now that the warmer weather is upon us, the heat can get too hot to handle! A bottle or two of water in the car will go a long way to keeping you cool.

- Listen to soothing music or music that you enjoy. Whether this be music in the charts or listening to a classical radio station. If anything, it will make the journey a lot more enjoyable.

- Keep your driving in mind. Although all Want Driving Lessons students leave us with great driving skills, we would advise to be mindful of your driving. Know when you are wrong and apologise with the ‘I’m sorry’ gesture which is a small wave. This will go some way to stopping road rage getting out of hand.

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