How Accident Prone is Your New Car?

Once you’ve passed your driving test, it’s only natural that you’ll want a shiny new car as a reward! Perhaps a nice new Jaguar or a Porsche if you are lucky. While this might not be as realistic as we would like, buying a second hand car might actually save you in more ways than one!

It has been found that nearly a third of accidents that happen in the first year after passing the driving test happen in a brand new car. In fact they have been found to happen within months of the new car being delivered. Brand new cars being scrapped is not as outlandish an idea as one may think.

The accident management firm known as Accident Exchange has been investigating the results of it’s records for the last year. A huge 10% of accidents happen in a sparkly new car that is likely not reached it’s first birthday yet! 10% might not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, however, it becomes much more substantial when added to the 32% of accidents that happen in cars that are less than two years old.

But that’s not all, the firm have actually managed to pin point the day an accident was most likely to happen! It was found that there was a high frequency of incidents on or around the 57th day after buying the car. Could this information put drivers of new cars off driving for the first month and a half? While road traffic accidents are likely to happen within the first year, arming yourself with great driving skills at Want Driving Lessons will go some way to cutting down that risk.

The Costs of New Car Accidents 

As we can imagine, the costs of these accidents will have soon mounted up. The research has also found that the average repair cost per accident can be around the £2,050 mark. There was an estimated 2.2 million accidents that happened between March 2015 to February 2016, some of these have been thought to be unreported.

In general, the statistics found that about 62,720 cars below two months old were involved in incidents.

So while a shiny new car might be on your wish list for the next birthday, investing in a second hand car might be a better option. Not only will the car have been proven to go the distance and is already ‘broken in’. There will be no new car ‘issues’ or recalls to worry about.

But even if you do decide to invest in a new car, there are things you can do to ensure that it is a safe ride. Firstly, do your research. The internet has many online resources that review new cars as they are released onto the market. Even search engines like Yahoo have a dedicated car features page that regularly review cars. Find out how other drivers feel about them and then give them a road test to see for yourself. The right car will have a great feel to it and in most cases you’ll know instantly that this is ‘the one’.

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