Safe Driving: Don’t forget your specs!

Glasses come in all shapes and size, some of us love to wear them as fashion, other times those specs are a necessary. Do you need to wear glasses for reading? Maybe you are short or long sighted? In any case, you’ll probably need them when driving.

It’ll come as no surprise when we tell you that a leading car insurance provider has proven that poor eyesight is causing hundreds of fatal accidents every year. Sounds like a pretty obvious cause doesn’t it? But it’s been fund that nearly two thirds of drivers with eyesight problems are not wearing their glasses when driving. What’s more, the 67% of drivers that wear glasses or contact lenses on a regular basis have had at least one accident in the past two years according to Direct Line.

The road traffic accident figures that were gathered show a large proportion of the nation’s incidents involve driver not wearing their contact lenses or glasses. This is despite the fact that in general, eyesight problems were not directly responsible for lots of incidents.

The DVLA ask for information about eyesight and other related problems when anyone first applies for a provisional and then full driving license. However, there are no penalties currently in place to make sure drivers wear their glasses when driving. It was found that a fifth of drivers who regularly wear glasses away from the wheel, didn’t bother when driving.

Eye Tests

Eye tests are important for all drivers, regardless of whether a person wears glasses or contact lenses. Blurred vision as well as dizziness can be symptoms of eye problems linked with a whole host of other problems. Want Driving Lessons can’t stress enough that taking care of one’s overall health is so beneficial when learning to drive and becoming that confident fully fledged driver.

So we were surprised to hear that nearly 37% of drivers that were questioned as part of the Direct Line study, hadn’t had an eye test within the past two years. In terms of safety, this could be disastrous when it comes to driving. Not wearing the proper eye wear could not only cause you to have a fatal accident but the passengers in the car as well as any pedestrians that happen to be nearby.

Things you can do

Many eye sight problems do not stop people from getting their driving licence. Many of whom go onto enjoy many years of safe driving. There are a few precautions that you can take to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

Eye Tests: This is a good thing for everyone. They are relatively inexpensive to have and can be done on the high street. Check out your local chemist or other smaller opticians local to you.

Attend Opticians appointments: Perhaps you already have long standing eye problems? Missing appointments could mean the difference between getting the correct lenses for your eyes and compromising your sight. Regular check ups might be suggested by your optician in some cases.

Wear the correct glasses and or contact lenses: It’s up to you to make sure that you are wearing the correct lenses. Staying safe behind the wheel requires being able to see the road ahead. And in extreme cases could mean the difference between life and death!

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