How Well Do You Know Your Car?

Do you know your car?

Want Driving Lessons will tell you that a knowledge of basic car maintenance will ensure the smooth running of your car for longer. While garages are the most likely first port of call when a car breaks down, finding the funds for a basic car repair isn’t always easy.

Then there is location: Basic problems with your car can happen anywhere, whether you are near home or out in the middle of nowhere. Having a good working knowledge of your car can be invaluable in any circumstance. But if you feel that your skills are not up to scratch, don’t worry because you are not the only one!

It was recently found that over half of British car drivers have said that they are baffled when it comes to even the most basic of car maintenance. That’s 51% of drivers who do not know how to top up the water and oil levels in a car.

But there is more…Around 85% of drivers in the UK don’t know what MOT stands for (Ministry of Transport in case you were one of the 85%). It comes as no surprise that 42% of drivers are unable to change a flat car tyre. In most cases many of us will have this done at a nearby garage, in the worst case scenario it will be roadside services that can help.

More than a third of these drivers at 36% didn’t know how the car dashboard worked, mostly what all the symbols meant. This is a little worrying as it’s these that could signal a serious problem before it escalates into something irreversible, as in the case of oil.

The results are from the latest survey from car servicing and maintenance company Kwik Fit. Around 2,000 British drivers were questioned as part of the project.

Knowing how to fix your car in an emergency, albeit the small repairs, goes towards you becoming that amazing driver. This rings true whether you happen to be a new driver or a more experienced one. Don’t worry if you feel that your skills are not what they should be when it comes to your car. There are ways to help:

Want Driving Lessons offer all inclusive driving lessons that cover the workings of the car. You will learn how the controls affect the car and how your driving can actually improve the performance of your vehicle. Get in touch with the qualified team at Want Driving Lessons and book your first driving lesson with us.

Already a driver? It’s easy to get into bad driving habits as well as forgetting some of the basics learnt all those years ago. Find out about getting back to great driving skills with Want Driving Lessons Refresher Course. This short course comes highly recommended for all experienced drivers.

There’s never a better time to learn more about how your car works and what you can do to make your driving experience a great one with Want Driving Lessons. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more on our latest deals!

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