The Cost of Learning to Drive


The Cost of Learning to Drive

With the cost of living at an all time high and the prices of everything it seems has rocketed. Learning to drive can feel even more stressful with the burden of money hanging over the student drivers head. Learning can be a very costly business and is any student bank balance’s worst nightmare. The hope is that you can learn quickly and pass without having to take out a huge loan for those all-too-valuable driving lessons.

And let’s face it there are other things you would also still like to be able to buy while you learn to drive. Shoes are always a great investment for guys and girls, you can never have too many of them!

Luckily for you Want Driving Lessons offers you very competitive prices that are total value for money. Not only will you be trained by instructors that are proven to be the best in the business but you will be paying very good rates for this training. For example we offer: 5 Manual Driving Lessons for £95.00, 10 Manual Driving Lessons for £180.00 and 20 Manual Driving Lessons for £355.00. As an added bonus any of the packages we offer that are bought as a gift will be personalized. This will make your gift to your special someone that little extra special, perfect for a birthday or graduation gift. A full list of all our package prices can be found here: Driving Lessons Prices

These rates remain unchanged for the evenings and weekends so there are no hidden charges that some other motoring schools have. We are the cheapest known driving school in the areas that we cover of London, the South East and South West.  However if there is a reputable driving school in these area’s that claim to be cheaper than us and offer to teach the same high standards of driving that we do then we want to know about it and we promise to do all we can to beat those rates!

Our aim is simple- ‘Quality Driving Lessons at Competitive Prices’

So you will not only be a superb driver but you will also have lovely shoes as well! (make sure they are sensible and that you can drive in them!) Its a total win win situation!




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