Flash 964 Turbo S Leichtbau up for Sale!


Once you have passed the driving test the fun can really start! Happen to have a spare £800,000 laying about in the bank? This stunning vintage car could be the ideal gift to yourself, also meaning that you’ll be driving around town in style!

When it comes to vintage cars, you’ll find this to be one of the rarest Porsche 911′s made. It’s a 964 Turbo S Leichtbau that surprisingly hasn’t been driven since it’s manufacture. It’s only got the delivery miles on the clock! Shocking to think that this beauty of a car hasn’t been driven properly and really enjoyed. Despite it being around for at least 30 years, this car doesn’t come cheap, the fact that it is in almost pristine condition also adds to the final asking price of £795,000. It’s currently on sale at the Porsche Centre in Cardiff.

There was another Turbo S Leichtbau that was auctioned off last year. It had 23,000 miles on the clock and was shown off at the Salon Privé sale. However, it didn’t meet it’s £390,000 – £420,000 estimate.

The Porsche is one of only 86 made, 11 of which are still in the UK. However, this is the only one that’s thought to be in brand new condition. This Leichtbau was found from a factory as a one-off. It’s perfect paintwork is featured in Polar Silver metallic. The interiors come complete with special request Flamenco Red leather. It’s previous owner bought the car and kept it in storage for over 22 years. Although it hadn’t been driven, it’s current owner then bought it. After this, the Porsche Centre in Cardiff re-commissioned the car paying just over £14,000.

The Technical Part! 

The Leichtbau (In German this means ‘light build’) was based on the previous Turbo S2 engine design. However, this version has an increase of power of over 60hp, so that’s a total of 380hp from the purpose built six-cylinder engine. In other words, this car is a powerful one, despite it being a vintage.

The power itself comes from the different camshafts as well as precision-machined intake ducts (at the front of the vehicle). There is a slightly higher charge pressure and an optimised ignition and fuel injection system (both parts of the engine). These are all important things to look out for when knowing a car’s history.

Then there is the body work too. The car in particular was also lowered in height by around 40mm. Approximately 180 kg was taken from the car by getting rid of a lot of the heavier metal parts. Instead, lighter plastic was used for the car’s doors and luggage compartment lid. Thinner more lightweight glass was used for the windows. The renovators also took out regular equipment like the power windows, air-conditioning, central locking system as well as power steering to help in making the car lighter.

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