Reductions in Drink Driving Levels Welcomed by Drivers

We know that drink driving is a bad thing and will end up in disaster more often than not. Want Driving Lessons will always recommend not having that drink before making the journey back home- unless you have a designated driver has not been drinking at all! 

This latest poll have investigated the attitudes into drink driving. But this has been done before, you may be thinking. Drink driving and it’s associated issues have been on the governments agenda for years. This is different as it comes after a reduction in legal drink driving limits in England and Wales. These new legal ‘safe’ levels have been matched to that of Scotland, where in previous years there was an escalating problem. This new poll was conducted by an alcohol health group AHA (Alcohol Health Alliance).

The House of Lords have been debating on a drop from 80mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood to 50mg. The current limit in both England and Wales has been shown to be at the highest levels compared to other European countries.

Drops like this have proven to work too. Within the three months after Scotland lowered drink-driving limits to 50mg, drink related road traffic offences actually lowered to 17%.

Research also showed that lower limits could save anything from 100 lives a year onwards with an estimated saving of over £300 million in emergency services and hospital costs. All in all, these new measures have got to be a good move for the rest of the UK too!

And people have been in agreement too. The AHA asked 4,869 people about the new limits and a total of 77% people were found to support a 50mg limit that would bring England and Wales working with the same limits at police are in Scotland. Backing the move is also double-gold and silver Paralympic cyclist Simon Richardson. He himself was twice hit by drink drivers during his sporting career, eventually leading him to forced retirement from the sport as a result.

Speaking on the incident, Richardson said: “In 2011 a drink driver almost killed me. 240 other people weren’t so ‘lucky’. I lived, but my health was destroyed, as well as my dreams of competing at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. As a previous Paralympic twin gold medal winner and cycling world record holder I should have been part of the 2012 success story. My daily pain does not register as one of the annual drink-drive fatality statistics that has refused to fall since 2010.”

We don’t need in depth studies to show us that not drinking is the best way to avoid drink-related road traffic accidents. Cutting out drinking completely is the absolute safest way to drive back home. Levels of drink driving have thankfully dropped in most areas of the UK in recent years, with the occasional and unfortunate spike in numbers. However, continual efforts could mean that driving under the influence will be completely eradicated over time.

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