Are You On It Like A Car Bonnet?

Want Driving Lessons will be the first to tell you that driving is a multi-faceted thing. There really are so many aspects to driving that you will still be learning them long after you leave our driving school. This will include real life driving experiences as well as things like looking under the car bonnet! Are your mechanic skills up to scratch?

It was recently found that car maintenance is not the strongest of skills among 25-34-year-old’s. The research was carries out by Leasing Options and uncovered lots of facts when it comes to current trends. This new research also claims that more than half of the young drivers surveyed don’t know how to open a car bonnet.

The survey was carried out on 1,000 British drivers within those age limits. One of the biggest finds from the study was that a large number of those surveyed couldn’t even do a basic check of their car, 71% of the drivers were not able to open their bonnet at the first few attempts. Over half at 58% of the 25-34 year olds were completely in the dark about doing any maintenance at all.

What about when it comes to the important emergency situations? Less than a quarter  at 24% of the younger age bracket of 18-24′s knew how to change a tyre. In reality, if they ever found themselves in an emergency situation, they would be totally stranded while waiting for roadside assistance.

Knowing a bit about your car is essential knowledge for all drivers. However, it can look pretty complicated under the bonnet and will be hard to work out where everything is at first glance. Want Driving Lessons always cover the main parts of the car so our learner drivers will always know what to look for. But we know that not all our learner drivers go on to become qualified car mechanics, so the actual repair of the car in case of breakdown is not on the agenda. However, knowing a little car ‘First Aid’ could help buy you time enough to get your vehicle to a garage rather than be stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Stopping distances was another sticking point among those who were questioned. It was found that just under 20% of the drivers actually knew the official British stopping distances of 30mph that’s 23 metres. But there is disagreement here as stopping distance can also depend on the performance of the car itself.

The best way to ensure that you are fully prepared for any road traffic emergencies is to know your car. The basics such as keeping the water tank and oil topped up could mean the difference between a smooth ride or an annoying stop at roadside services. While your garage can ensure that these levels are topped up, you can save yourself the expense and check them yourself. Talk to Want Driving Lessons about learning more about your car and how it works. Our instructors will be happy to give you all the basics, helping you to be a better more safer driver.

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