Car Ownership is on the rise in the UK


Learning to drive is a must for anyone living in a busy city, but up until recently car ownership wasn’t equaling the levels of drivers in the capital. Finding an affordable option for new drivers wasn’t always easy in years gone by. However, things have changed with more and more people now being able to afford their own car. This is great news for new drivers and a growing trend thats being seen across the UK. 

Some people found that a car sharing scheme worked well for them. In that they would share the costs of a car with a friend and have the option to drive it when they needed to. Although this is still going in many parts of the UK, the car manufacturing industry had recognized that there was a problem. You can find so many cars being made that come with more economical price tags, just perfect for new drivers or people who are on a tight budget.

Kwik Fit have looked into the issue and conducted their own surveys on car ownership in the United Kingdom. The detailed results show some startling finds that show encouraging growth. It was found that car ownership is on the rise in the East of England with a 7% increase in the number of cars per thousand people. This puts this area ahead of most other areas in the UK as well as above the national average which is 2%. There is naturally an increase in bought cars. Kwik Fit found that the number of cars in Britain rose to 30.23 million in the third quarter of 2015 from 28.47 million in the previous year. That’s an extra 2 million cars on the roads which is great news for car manufacturers.

From all of the regions that were surveyed, it was the densely populated South East of the UK that showed the biggest change in terms of car ownership. In this area, there are around 561 cars per thousand people beating the South West which comes up as owning 558 cars per thousand people. It’s London that’s showed the most impressive change, with a huge increase of over 100,000 cars within the past five years.

But can the UK actually take these increases in cars on the road. These statistics should be looked at in terms of the increase in population too. London’s population has also increased meaning that car ownership stays at a level that the capital can cope with. In terms of pollution, the number of new cars that are made with ‘green’ facilities have also been seen in greater numbers on the roads. We can look at these numbers with increasing optimism, as there could actually be a cut in air pollution with increased car numbers due to the fact that cars are now fitted with catalytic converters among other things.

With our help, you can be on the road as a effective and confident driver very soon! In the meantime, stay tuned to the Want Driving Lessons blog as well as Twitter and Facebook for more info from the world of motoring! 

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