Life in the Fast Lane

No matter how many driving lessons you have had and even if you have passed your test with flying colors-there will still be aspects of driving that will be a little daunting for the new driver. One of these aspects is Motorway Driving.

When driving on larger roads one is immediately confronted with a different set of driving rules! The techniques that you had learnt on the quieter side roads seem like they have to be sped up times a million when driving on a busy motorway. You have to be 100% on the ball while you are driving in all conditions but even more so when driving through a busy A13 in East London for example.

Your Want Driving Lessons Driving Instructor will obviously be very experienced in Motorway driving and will take you onto some of the busier roads in and around the area you live in during your regular driving lessons with us. However to really master the art of Motorway driving takes years of experience- but our specially designed Motorway driving tuition course can help you on your way.

Want Driving Lessons offers you a fully comprehensive Motorway Driving Tuition course- You can take this course alongside any other lessons you are taking with us, or once you have passed the test. Perhaps it’s something you would like to concerntrate on as a fully fledged driver?

The advantages of taking this course include the following: You will have a qualified and experienced driving instructor by your side focusing fully on the ins and outs of Motorway driving. You will almost instantly gain confidence with your own driving skills,which is a big bonus. The more experience that you have the better you will feel about driving down the faster lanes.

Once you have gained a good level of confidence and are happy we do encourage you to practice outside of the course too so you can get an idea of what to expect driving alone. Your Want Driving Lessons Instructor will be happy to talk you though any concerns that you may have.

Some things to remember about Motorway driving: Firstly although it may seem confusing and a little bit scary- faster driving is fine as long as you keep calm and composed. Yes it does require for you to be very alert, especially during longer night time journeys. But many people drive on these large motorways everyday in a safe and aware way. There is no reason why you cannot join these drivers and do the same.

The course aims to teach you everything you need to know about Motorway driving, including the speeds you will be driving at, how this will effect your control of the vehicle you are driving in, the sorts of hazards you will need to look for. You will learn all these useful tips plus a lot more when taking the Motorway driving tuition. Speak to your driving instructor for more information. Even if you have passed your driving test a while ago but want some useful pointers- we will be happy to help you. You can Contact us and we will get back in touch with you.

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