M27 Learner Driver Failed with Style!

Ask drivers old and new, the morning of driving test day has got to be one of the most nerve wracking ever. Although Want Driving Lessons will do all we can to put your mind at ease beforehand, there’s no denying that any driving student will be a little nervous.

Some people deal with driving test nerves relatively well, claiming that the extra pressure actually makes them perform better in the test. However, the rest of us find that the nerves can sometimes get the better of us. Helping us to make those silly mistakes that could unfortunately cost us that all important pass mark!

In the news this week there has been a spectacular fail on the UK roads! A learner driver remains a learner driver and does it with style! Definitely one that will be remembered for a log time! The learner driver took a wrong turn and somehow ended up on a seriously busy motorway during the driving test.

The test was being conducted last Monday, with the learner driver managing to get himself onto the M27. Hampshire Police revealed more about the incident on Twitter. Why was this a bad thing? After all Want Driving Lessons legally offer driving tuition on the motorways in and around London. It just so happens that drivers are not allowed to use this stretch of motorway unless they have passed the test. The 25 mile stretch of motorway begins at Cadnam and ends at Portsmouth. It’s a dual three lane motorway, so naturally not a good idea for new drivers or those who are not confident on the busier roads.

The road policing department from Hampshire Police tweeted: “Officers assisted driver on driving test who took wrong turn off roundabout and ended up on M27. Test abandoned & driver failed.”

It seems to have been a busy day for Hampshire police. Just a few hours later they stopped two other drivers along the same part of the motorway. One of the drivers was awards a ticket after being caught red handed using a iPad in his moving vehicle during rush hour. The second driver had been stopped when he was caught watching a YouTube video on a phone that was balanced on his knee. Both pretty dangerous acts even though most of us do these everyday (preferably not in the driving seat though!)

Speed limits on a motorway are a lot higher than on the average side street, so a lot more attention must be given when driving at faster speeds. Why not consider taking the Want Driving Lessons Motorway driving course? This short course will guide you through the basics of motorway driving as well as showing you those all important tips on driving these busier roads. It’s a sure fire way of building up both skills and confidence when driving the much bigger roads. Get in touch with us on 0203 086 7988 seven days a week from 9am – 8pm to find out more.

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