Range Rover Drives Over Paper Bridge

They make a statement and have all branding behind it to make it a household name. Yes we are talking about the Range Rover! Even if you don’t own one of these legendary 4 wheel vehicles, the chances are that you will know one when you see it. The name is synonymous with country driving as well as being named the “Chelsea Tractor”.

The ultimate dream first car for many a driver, what is there not to love about the Range Rover? They are spacious with tons of power, the ultimate when it comes to protection in the armed services as well as when dropping the kids off to school.

To prove just how super these big cars are, Land Rover has decided to mark the brand’s 45th birthday with a real feat of engineering. The Range Rover was driven over a bridge, nothing unusual there you might be thinking…This bridge was completely made out of paper!

So is this a testament to some super strong paper or to the maneuverability of the range rover itself? The verdict is still out, with many people citing that the structure of the bridge was constructed in such a way that it held maximum strength, thus allowing for the super heavy vehicle to pass. But could it also have to do with the Range Rover’s

The stunt happened at an event in Suzhou, an area in East China. Known as the ‘Venice of the East’ this part of the world is famous for it’s bridges and construction techniques. So it was only right that the paper bridge was constructed here. Although it wasn’t the golden gate bride recreated in paper, the bridge itself measured 16ft ( or 5m lengthwise) The clever bit was that all the joints were designed so that they didn’t require glue, staples or bolts to hold them together!

The finished bridge was devised by British artist Steve Messam. He said of his creation: “Paper structures capable of supporting people have been built before but nothing on this scale has ever been attempted. It’s pushing engineering boundaries, just like the Range Rover, and the ease and composure with which the vehicle negotiated the arch was genuinely breathtaking.”

The bridge managed to hold the Range Rover for it’s entire (if short) journey. The successful experiment and results could open up the possibilities for futuristic materials. Could we see larger structures like full length bridges made from reinforced paper? Perhaps even parts of buildings could be supported with elements of paper? We might even see it on the roads? There is still a long way to go before that becomes a reality, but until then, there are events like these to give us just a taster of what the future of roads and driving could be!

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