Extreme Parking Tickets!

Taking driving lessons with us here at Want Driving Lessons will give you a good idea on the rules of the road. We will teach you everything you need to know to become a safe and confident driver. However, there are some things that you can only really learn once you are on the roads, this was the case for one particular driver.

The car driven by the gentleman in question was given a personalised parking ticket after getting over 60 penalty notices in central London. Even better: This all happened within a year! The London Borough of Westminster had to take the unique step as the vehicle was continuously blocking a side street in London’s West End. Something that is naturally a problem, especially in the run up to Christmas.

The driver had so far only decided to pay for four of these fines. The Russian-registered high performance BMW M6 was obstructing pathways to both businesses and apartments in Babmaes Street near the busy Regent Street. In fact, things got so bad that by the 50th ticket, the council decided to attach a letter on the windscreen. The letter, from the council’s head of parking, Sara Sutton, warned the driver that the council would be prosecuting if the driver continued to park illegally. Pretty serious stuff and possibly one of the worst case scenarios when it comes to breaking the road rules!

Sutton said in the letter: “We would like to appeal to you as a visitor to Westminster that you respect our parking regulations and comply with them to ensure that all people who live, work or visit Westminster are not inconvenienced by your behaviour.”

Sounds pretty straight forward to us. So far though, the driver owes a total of £6,780, however, having said this, local authorities often find it difficult to track down unpaid parking fines for cars that are registered in another country. So they have to rely solely on foreign registration agencies to help give them the contact details of the car owners. But not all countries are willing to give out personal details, in some places, parking fines are classed as ‘civil debt’ and not a criminal offence. Westminster council do have a specialist foreign debt recovery agent who is now currently looking into ways to make the whole process easier. In short: To reduce the dependency on using overseas organisations to help.

But it’s not just Russian vehicles that are causing issues. As it stands they are 17th on the list of largest unpaid parking fines in London at £13,855. Spain has so far had the highest fines with £318,389, next is Belgium, £81,470, Germany  with £68,462, Qatar £65,835 and lastly Romania £48,910. Surprisingly, cars registered in Monaco came up as 15th on the list. It only has a population of around 37,000 but they managed to raise £20,170 in fines.

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