New 70 mph Limit on the M1?

It’s common sense to most of us that speed limits are there for a reason. These time tested rules of the road have been around for many years. Find modern speed restrictions in place from as far back as the 1960′s, possibly even further. While the government are always revising speed limits and other road rules, of one thing we can be certain: These are put into action for the safety of all road users.

Keeping speeds down to a minimum in congested areas, such as around schools and supermarkets will naturally allow the driver more time to brake in an emergency. More so than when they are travelling at super fast speeds. Although Want Driving Lessons will always remind our students as well as experienced drivers to always get a good night’s rest before setting out on a car journey, there are times when our reactions aren’t as speedy as we would like them to be. This, unfortunately, could cost lives in the worst cases.

This is why there are plans to reinforce the current speed limits of 70 mph on UK motorways.  These have been drawn up by a Police and Crime Commissioner and have not yet reached parliament, but there is growing support for these new measures already. So far these dramatic new plans have been presented by Olly Martins, Police and Crime Commissioner, Bedfordshire. He suggests implementing a 70mph maximum speed on part of the M1 by April next year. Since 2013, a total of 20,000 drivers have been caught speeding along this stretch of motorway. Strict rules could, in theory, cut down on the number of cars speeding, leading to potentially fatal accidents.

However, some have criticized the exercise, citing it as a solely cash-earning exercise. The fine for breaking the speed limit would be a straight £100. There would also be the option to take a speed awareness course for those drivers with a genuine concern for their driving. This would come at an extra cost. But could this scheme come to pass? It’s been proposed that the Police force would need to lose the equivalent of 25 police officers in place of the adequate funding from from the government if these plans get the go ahead.

But if successful, the revenue that comes from these new fines could reach unto £1 million. The stretch of the M1 passes through Bedfordshire and is planned to be between junctions 10 and 13. It is estimated that revenue would reach anything up to £1 million per year. As it stands, the same stretch of road only fines motorists speeding at temporary and changeable speed limits. So the law connected with speeding here is flexible, so some drivers could get away with driving at high speeds.

We will keep you posted on any new developments. In the meantime why not learn to drive with us at Want Driving Lessons? Already driving but have lost the driving habits you had as a beginner driver? We offer a superb course of refresher lessons to help you get back to those great driving skills again.

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