Driving Distractions: Mobile Phones and Tablets

So it’s pretty much a fact of life that smart phones and tablets are a big no no when driving, or even when you are walking through a heavily congested area. Social media can be a big distraction when we should be looking at whats going on in front of us. But is the lure of Facebook and Twitter just too much for drivers and pedestrians alike? The dangers of being social online could be worse than we think…

The age group at the highest risk has been found to be 18-24-year-olds. They are statistically known to be heavy users of mobile phones and tablets when out and about. The most likely to be spending on the latest model and happily using it all the time! Nothing wrong with that we hear you cry? Yes there is! Especially when you are crossing the road. It’s been found that a massive proportion of youngsters are putting their lives on the line purely by using their phones while trying to get to the other side of the road according to new research.

A huge 86% of the people in the research that was conducted across Europe admitted in the Ford study that they did use their phones while crossing the street. Then over half of these at 68% openly said that they will be chatting away to a buddy while crossing the same busy streets. With 62% having listened to music in the same situation and 34% will have been using a text messaging service at the same time as trying to navigate heavy traffic.

But despite all this, 22% of the participants have actually been hit by oncoming traffic or have had managed to miss a potentially fatal accident. Shockingly, it’s been found that road accidents are in general, the leading cause of death among this age group. 

This doesn’t bode well for drivers despite driving as safely as possible. So being extra vigilant and taking note of expert driving advice from your driving instructor will go a long way towards helping you avoid getting caught up in a disastrous and potentially deadly situation on the roads.

It’s no surprise that a further investigation by the Institute of Advanced Motorists found that 23% of road accidents with pedestrians during 2013 happened where the pedestrian just didn’t look where they were going. Perhaps they were in a rush, distracted by a mobile phone or something else? Road safety falls on all parties, including drivers as well as pedestrians

There have already been some significant outcomes from these results, for example, the idea of automatic breaking is being considered. The introduction of such mechanisms in cars could give both the pedestrian and the driver that little extra time and could save lives. However, nothing has be finalised as yet. In the meantime why not take up quality driving lessons with Want Driving Lessons? Each of our instructors will give you everything you need to be that little bit safer on the roads.

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