Messy Car Issues: Would You Offer Someone a Lift?


Some drivers will naturally see their cars as an extension of their homes. After all, once you have passed your driving test (Or if you have already), you might actually find yourself spending a lot of time driving around. So it’s only natural that we will want our cars to be comfortable places. Sometimes this will mean that we get a bit lax with the up keeping, in other words, our cars might become a little messy over time.

There are a large proportion of drivers who will eat, sleep and literally live in their vehicles as they drive around the country and abroad. But here’s the question, would you offer your best mate a lift in your car? Is your vehicle ready to take guests?

It’s been found that messy car interiors mean 40% of British drivers are put off from offering friends or colleagues a lift in their car. Imagine trying to impress your boss in a car filled with take away packaging? It’s enough to make anyone thing twice, especially if they are going for that promotion! Also another 15% of UK drivers actually admit to never having cleaned their car at all! Yes, apparently these people do really exist.

But what about those drivers who do like to keep their cars shining? Well the survey by OSV car leasing found that just 27% of drivers only clean the interior of their car once a year. his is while nine out of 10 drivers or 88% blame their children for the mess in the car. But is it really just the children who run wild in the car? Another 34% put the blame completely on their passengers. Then there are the excuses: 22% said that there is no point cleaning the car at all because the children/pets/passengers will only make it untidy again.

So while a quarter of the questioned motorists said that they were unwilling to clean their own cars due to the fact that the mess will return, there are some reassuring statistics too. It was found that 79 per cent of people would be willing to pay a professional clean. Better to get someone else to tackle the mess that is the car right? But what about the poor souls who find themselves cleaning out these cars? The most frequently found mess that professional cleaners had to remove from cars included food packaging, dirty laundry, pet fur, paper/newspaper/receipts and even in some cases dog poo! Not a job for the faint of heart.

Both the men and women who were surveyed admitted to not really bothering about the cleanliness of their cars. However, it was found that women are the worst culprits when it comes to keeping the car clean, 48% confessed to leaving the car in a state for long periods of time. Yet only 35% of men openly said that their cars were just as bad.

OSV Co-Director Andrew Kirkley said of the findings: “I think that there can be few people who have always kept their car immaculate, but it is quite important to try and keep them tidy. Loose drinks bottles on the car floor, for example, can cause quite devastating accidents if they roll beneath the brake pedal. Other litter can cause similar hazards. While we’re never going to judge anyone for not keeping their car clean, basic housekeeping does make sense. And if your kids are mucky pups, try keeping a container on the back seat, so that litter is controlled.”

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