Accessorizing your Motor!

There is no better feeling than at last having your own vehicle! Freedom, Independence and everything else that goes with it. We know you love your new car and will want to shower your affection onto it at every given opportunity. Whether this means watching it like a hawk all day from your bedroom window or spending every moment you have spare polishing every inch of your beautiful shiny new car.

There’s nothing wrong with accessorizing your new car- after all you want to show the world that you love your car. It/he/she is a big part of your life now and you want to make him or her feel special- and what better way than to dress it up? You maybe thinking of a little tree or some furry dice for your baby or maybe some holographic One Direction stickers for the dashboard. There are lots of nice things you can get for the interior of your car and even the exterior. But sometimes this can go very very wrong indeed! With some very scary results:


Mental but quirky. Not a good choice for a getaway car though. The religious slogans may give the game away!

The guy or gal that owns this obviously loves brushing their teeth, so much so that their car has becomes a shrine to this love.

If you are fed up of all those decorative bit and bobs in the shed, and are not sure what to do with them- Why not try gluing every single one of them to your car. But don’t be surprised if the men in white coats from the local mental hospital pay you a visit.

Hope this is recycled!

This is a novel way of disposing of those KFC bones: Glue them to your car! Fabulous!

Interiors- If you think the outside is bad wait until you see what is on the inside!

Talk about Bling! Interesting but could be slightly distracting as one could spend more time concentrating on whats going on inside the car rather than whats happening on the outside. But other than that its quite cool!

Now this is just asking for trouble!

Scary doll and clown faces- all righty then……

Although cute this could be very slightly creepy during night time driving! Not recommended.

Make sure you wrap up warm! Could get icier than dinner with the in-laws!


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