Sat Navs The Debate: Silly or Super Important?

It’s well known that there was a time when we were driving around without Sat Nav….

Even in the days long before the internet, drivers and their passengers would solely rely on maps to get around. Yes those extraordinarily large pieces of folded paper that would need excruciatingly precise concentration if one was to get to their destination. Now, we can just punch in the post code and away we go! Everything is done for you-Whether it’s a state-of- the-art sat nav system or Google maps, you are guaranteed to get to your destination in the shortest time possible…But not everyone agrees with this new method of getting around!

This week a well known Tory MP has taken a stand against new technology. He has poked fun at the ‘nation of gormless’ (according to the MP himself) drivers who rely on apps and satnav systems who only end up getting stuck miles from where they intended to. In other words the MP is addressing the lack of common sense in driving.

It’s Ian Liddell-Grainger who has been making these accusations, he told the Commons that now is the time to look into the law and make those all important changes. The law should, in his words, “make the buck stop where it should” and “put the blame where it belongs”. Liddell-Grainger is currently the MP for Bridgwater and West Somerset. He recently listed incidents of drivers and foreign vehicles around the country who unfortunately found themselves in trouble because of using sat nav. The worst case being an incident in Wadebridge, Cornwall. Here a Belgian truck driver who was directed by sat nav drove directly into a cul-de-sac. He did this as ordered by his sat nav, only to find that he couldn’t get out. The only way he could get out was to demolish a roundabout along with six parked cars- Ouch!

The MP has requested that Parliament bring in a Bill regarding the use of sat navs on British roads. It will require that the Secretary of State establish a scheme under which UK-based providers of sat nav services must offer real-time updates on route suitability and traffic management measures. In other words, they are to be a lot more reliable than they already are.

He said: “I admire the wizardry of sat-navs but I’m painfully aware it doesn’t always work. The purpose of my Bill is quite simple, it’s to stop heavy lorries getting stuck under low bridges, on roads far too narrow for their trailers, up perilous mountains, across boggy fields or (driving) headlong in one or two cases into rivers.”

The verdict on sat navs is a mixed one, to date there has not been an in depth survey outlining the public’s opinion on these little boxes of magic. Want Driving Lessons do recommend in vesting in a quality satellite navigation system once you have passed the driving test, or even as an experienced driver. Shopping around for a good deal is also a good idea.

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