Personalizing your Plate!

We all love a good personalized number plate! You know the ones that catch your eye while out and about. Some of them will make you smile while others make you think, but in all cases it’s a fab way to stand out from the traffic! One of the greatest things about owning your own car is having a vehicle registration plate that will reflect some part of your personality.

So you have passed your driving test, you have sorted out a lovely shiny new vehicle and been in touch with the DVLA about any other issues you need to tell them of. So now the fun starts. The Driving and Licensing Vehicle Agency are the people to contact when looking for your new registration number plate.  Check out the website and you will find some great ones, there is even the option on the homepage to help you on your way to searching: Just type your initials into the search box and it will automatically search it’s catalogue for one that suits you!

Online Auctions 

Every year the DVLA will hold around six auctions at various locations in the U.K. These are aimed to be fun day’s out which will offer a friendly and very enjoyable experience for all-plus a great opportunity to bid on some very cool registration plates. Unlike the growing trend to bid online for so many things- the DVLA actively encourage you to go along to the auctions and bid in person.Its a worthwhile opportunity to experience the lively and vibrant atmosphere that these events have. If you are not able to make it then there are the options to bid for these great auctions on telephone or via the internet and also with other ‘absent bidding facilities’.

However if you are not sure what you are looking for then it’s simple- the personalized registration  works like this: Firstly the website will ask you to register your personal details. Then you will be able to search through the vast selection on offer for one that you like. These are up for immediate purchase, the prices of these include VAT and the £80 assignment fee (which applies to every purchase on the DVLA Personalized Registration site). There are no extra or hidden costs apart from what you see, this includes ‘making up’ costs or any extra delivery costs.

The prices that are shown for the registrations on auction are actually ‘online auctions reserve prices’. The bidding starts from these prices and will not include the assignment fee and VAT (this will be added onto it later as the plate is won). The online ‘Buy it now’offers are only available to buy through the DVLA website only, once you have chosen your plate you can pay for it instantly following the instructions at the online checkout.

So all in all it couldn’t be simpler to look through and pick a perfect personalised number plate just for you. The hardest thing you will have to do is choose the one you want!


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