Why Get Insured?

Insurance is at the top of the list of things one will need when they are buying a car. There are a zillion and one reasons as to why insurance is needed, most notably that it is the law! Every car on the road should be covered by the appropriate insurance. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune with a bit of shopping around. Insurance companies offer some great rates to safer drivers as well as incentives for younger car owners. Want Driving Lessons would always recommend checking out the insurance market for some great deals first!

But what happens when we don’t have insurance? Over 27,000 uninsured cars have already been seized in 2015 so far according to figures. And we were surprised at the sort of cars that were found to be without insurance! Among the cars that were found to be without insurance were two Ferraris, three Lamborghinis, 10 Bentleys and 40 Porsches. All these cars were taken off the road instantly by the police. It was found that the Met police force were responsible for seizing the largest number of cars at a whopping 9,935 in 2015. That’s a lot of drivers, driving around without any insurance, so it’s a bit of a worry for law enforcers trying to make UK roads that little bit more regulated.

It’s not just in London where there have been reports of driving without insurance, West Yorkshire police recorded 4,125 insurance-less cars. The exact total has been found to be 27,688 cars that have been seized this year so far. It’s a huge amount of uninsured cars but hasn’t yet topped last years total which was 70,430 in the UK! Yes you read that right! And they were all taken from their owners by the police.

It was Churchill Car Insurance who first approached the police requesting this information for their latest study into the area. The Freedom of Information law allows for there to be requests to the UK’s police force asking for this very information. In total, the results come from the responses of 23 forces that responded fully to the questions asked.

Head of car insurance at Churchill Insurance, Steve Barrett has said of the matter: “This analysis exposes just the tip of the uninsured iceberg. Thousands upon thousands of motorists across the country are driving without insurance, which is truly terrifying. We need an urgent examination of the penalties for uninsured motoring, introducing sentences that are a real deterrent and that will keep these irresponsible motorists off the road.”

So what happens to the cars that are confiscated from their previous owners? Well some of the 1,892 seized cars have already been sold at auction, raising just over £1 million! Another 6,736 of the vehicles have been crushed. These have generated a scrap value of over £600,000. These funds go back into the government.

It’s shockingly unfair that drivers are left without a car, but this demonstrates just how important getting car insurance is. The only way to really avoid this ever happening to you is to make sure that your vehicles are fully insured.

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