The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead…Advanced Training

Ok so now you have had your first few lessons with the well qualified instructor that you have met through Want Driving Lessons

It’s all still very new with so much to take in all at once- the biggest problem that new students to Driving face is probably how it seems like they are doing everything all at once!  I mean observation- a thorough look out must be done before setting off and then clutch control and giving that perfect amount of gas while still checking mirrors and being proactive on the observation- pretty soon its time once again to get that foot on the clutch pedal and change the gear from first to second while still making sure the road ahead is clear of hazards and safe to drive in! It’s all a bit manic at first- How do drivers cope with the road rage?

Daunting yes- but that shouldnt stop you getting in the way of becoming the best driver you can possibly be! Before long with one of our great instructors you will be well on your way to passing your driving test. Its time to start thinking about the road ahead and what happens next?

Want Driving Lessons offers not just what you need to pass your Driving test with flying colours but also we can work with you beyond that. For example the Pass Plus Training we offer will allow you to build on those essential skills that you have learnt. Your qualified Instructor will impart essential knowledge to you on how to become an efficient and safe driver on the Motorway, city and country roads. He or she will tell you about all weather driving and driving during night time, skills that you will need to be a life long driver. More details can be found on the Driving Lessons Courses Offered Page

There is also the Refresher course For Existing Drivers those of you that have not driven for a while and want to get back into the Driver’s seat, or even if you just want to brush up on your existing good driving skills. Its a very well known fact that no matter how good the driver is when they first pass their driving test anyone can get into bad driving habits and neglect to realise how important good driving skills are. If you feel that you maybe one of these people then this is the course for you. The qualified driving instructor will offer you the tools you need to get back to those high standards and make you feel good about being on the road again.

We offer all the tools for you to be a conscientious and excellent driver for competitive rates. Take a look at Driving Courses Offered  for the full list of the very intensive training course that we offer both new and more experienced drivers.



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