Advantages of Driving

There is always that one person who will criticize drivers – they will say things along the lines of: Driving is harmful to the environment, drivers cause some of the most horrific accidents on the roads or driving is expensive and that it’s easier to get into town using public transport. While these are all true to an extent there are some fabulous reasons why its great to have a driving licence!

Freedom: Not in the Mel Gibson Braveheart way- but let’s face it there is something fantastic about just jumping into the car and going where you want to.Whether it’s to the local supermarket or just to drive around. Once you are in that drivers seat you have complete control. It’s one of the few places that you can be in where you do! If you have an other half and they drive you slightly crazy with their odd hobbies (the constant clicking of knitting needles can send the most normal of people insane!) then escape! Flee the knitting Nanna’s and treat yourself to a day in town!

Style: You can tell a lot about a person by the vehicle they drive around in. Whether it’s a work van with muddy foot prints on the inside and old takeaway lying around, or a flash new motor that you zip around Chelsea in. It’s guaranteed to have some sort of character of it’s own and will speak volumes about it’s driver. It’s all good and a great way of making a fashion statement if you so choose.

Cars Vs Public Transport: Although driving in and around London can sometimes be a nightmare you will find that it makes absolutely no difference whether you travel on the tube or by car. You are just as likely to be caught in delays when getting into the city. When driving you are far better off to set off at a reasonable time. Setting off in a car is far easier than having to wait on a freezing cold platform in the middle of November! Which brings me to my next point…

Being Cozy: The lovely thing about driving around in your car, van or juggernaut is that you can carry things with you- supplies that you wouldn’t normally be able to do otherwise.  Just throw that blanket and thermos filled with lovely hot tea for those long journeys. Pack a picnic and drive out into the country, It’s fab and so much easier than hauling all that with you on the train. Well you could in theory, but travelling on the Underground carrying a big snugly blanket and value packs of crisps could be slightly uncomfortable.

Your Choice of Interior: Being King or Queen of your own little motor castle can be great fun- decking out the interior of your vehicle in any way you want to. If you want it to be all in Chrome you  are well within your rights to cover your car in the shiny stuff. It’s no holds barred!

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