Lincoln is UK’s Road Rage Capital!


The most experienced of drivers have had to deal with road rage at some point. That’s either feeling it of having to put up with someone else’s unacceptable behavior on the roads. But just where can we find some of the most badly behaved drivers in the UK?

It’s been found that Lincoln is at the top of the survey when it comes to the UK’s road rage hot spots. The study by Privilege insurance found that Lincoln beat every other British city to take top position with 61% of residents saying they had experienced road rage on a regular basis. Next in second position was Portsmouth which came in at a close 60%. It’s locals saying the same thing. Next the survey found Peterborough, Hull and Exeter listed as joint-third each at 54% of the vote.

Surprisingly London was not in the top ten, strange, considering that the city is one of the busiest places in the UK. We would have thought that there’d be plenty of road rage incidents around town! But no, London came in at 13th, with 41%, this could be a case of Londoners just being more used to the congestion and the noise of the city than others in the more remote parts of the UK. Perhaps Want Driving Lessons students and our qualified driving instructors are just a little more immune to the joys of driving through London on a Sunday afternoon?

What about some of the other cities? Among the other bigger cities, Birmingham and Leeds came in at equal 9th with 46%. Manchester was 14th with 40% and Bristol beat both with 51% and a 7th place finish. This was just 1% behind Wolverhampton which came in 6th.

Not so surprising was that Nottingham, Glasgow and Oxford were found to be the least likely places to experience road rage. The survey also looked into personalities that would be the most likely to experience road rage, it was found that 69-year-old male drivers were seen to be the worst. Although this is just based on the views of people who took the survey and is by no means an accurate result across the board.

Privilege’s research also estimates that UK drivers experience road rage, whether as a victim or perpetrator at least once every 20 minutes or seven miles travelled. It was also found that Monday mornings at 7.30 are the most likeliest time for road rage to happen- most probably on the way to work.

Privilege is launching a “Campaign Against Road Rage (also known as CARR) as a “determined effort” to help lower road rage as a part in accidents.

Charlotte Fielding, head of car insurance at Privilege claimed: “Road rage is the ugly face of motoring, and even at the milder end of the spectrum, can lead to accidents as drivers leave the scene focused on the argument or perceived wrong doing, instead of their driving. The aim of CARR is to help to reduce the number of road rage related accidents and make Britain’s roads safer places to be.”

This seems like a very worthwhile cause and one that we hope will work in the long term! In the meantime, you can follow Want Driving Lessons on Twitter and Facebook to stay updated with all our latest driving news!  

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